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Best metronomes 2024: Top metronomes for musicians

Team Soundbrenner, in Music lessons, Product news
Jan 03, 2024 | 10 min read

The ultimate guide for the best metronomes for musicians. If you’re a bassist, drummer, pianist, or play any instrument, you’ll know that one of the most basic musical concepts is rhythm. And to practice rhythm, you’ll need a decent metronome. Here we have a full guide for the best metronome for musicians.

Key metronome terms

To begin, we’ll be breaking down some of the key terms you need.


Rhythm refers to the length of time between each major “beat”, or accent, such as in a piece of music. It is the sequence of sounds and silences that make up the rhythm.

The first beat, of evenly spaced beats, is usually stronger than others. Whenever we write music down, we put groups of rhythms in bars (or “measures”).


The beat is often associated with drummers. Because some songs are played without percussion, beats are kept by all the other instruments. If you are playing rhythm – you are keeping the beat!

ALL musicians have to have a good rhythm. This enables them to tie in different parts of a band through a specific pattern.

A drummer practices with the Soundbrenner Core vibrating metronome

The rhythmic section of the band often includes piano and bass and the most obvious one is drums. The best way to practice rhythm is with a metronome, which helps musicians be accountable for playing on a steady beat.

If you would like to read more on rhythm basics you can check this article out.

Uses of metronomes

Improve your sense of time

Sometimes we focus too much on the melody line. Whenever we get excited with a specific part we speed up. A metronome keeps the tempo in check. This ensures that song sections aren’t played drastically faster or slower than others.

Help you track your progress

You can practice drills and exercises at a very slow pace and pay attention to your finger placement.

Playing in time with others

One of the most difficult aspects of playing with other musicians is playing in time. If you ask professional bands they will always have a click in their in-ears – as a metronome keeps everyone playing or singing on the beat.

Types of metronomes

Mechanical metronomes – The classiest metronome for musicians

The traditional type of metronome requires no batteries. Normally shaped like a pyramid, made out of wood or plastic. Most of them come with a beat bell.

Wittner Taktell is known for its quality. With a high reputation, it is recommended by experts in many countries. If we choose one metronome favourite – it’s definitely Wittner Taktell, one of the classiest and best metronomes for musicians.

If you want to look for different types of mechanical metronomes – be it for kids, made with wood or plastic casing, Wittner has the best metronomes of course the mechanical ones. This company also sells individual parts just in case yours fail after decades of use.

As for the sound, you can find metronomes with a more pleasant sound and not too punchy.

Why musicians like it

  • Because they prefer traditional clicks over silent metronomes
  • Also, some musicians like it because they see the visual pendulum swing
  • No batteries needed
  • Elegant and classic-looking metronome
best metronome

A cheaper option for the best metronome (mechanical) would be Tempi

It has an average 20-minute wind that allows you to practice longer and with less frustration, steel gears for durability, 40-208bpm for choosing any tempi, and an easily adjustable/optional 0/2/3/4/6 beat bell! The outside is a beautiful plastic, mahogany grain veneer.

best metronomes

It has a 2 years warranty! Because we care, as an added bonus, your Tempi metronome comes with a free e-book and 2 months of free music lessons.

Disadvantages of mechanical metronomes

  • Can get loud and annoying
  • You can’t adjust the volume
  • You can’t set a time signature
  • There’s no way of matching bpm to a song
  • Does not work in live settings

    Price starts at $40

Electronic metronomes – The most versatile metronome for musicians

Electronic metronomes are much more versatile as they offer a variety of click sounds and you can program them with a DAW. Some of them come with a tuner function and even a tone generator. They tend to be compact and portable.

1. Boss DB-90 Dr Beat Metronome with Tap Tempo – Most commonly used by drummers

Widely known for the drummers and in-ear monitoring, the DB-90 is a staple among professional drummers. In addition to being rugged, it is also packed with quality sounds and drum patterns. Perfect for the travelling or gigging musician. The con is that it can be too bulky to bring around and can discourage users from bringing it with them to rehearsals. This digital metronome is no doubt one of the best metronomes for musicians.

Why musicians like it

  • Create a wide variety of beats to suit your play style
  • Different click sounds
  • If you want a sturdy professional digital metronome

Price: $139.99

2. Seiko SQ50-v Quartz metronome

It’s very easy to use. With one switch you can do everything. Turn it ON/OFF or select the right sound; either woodblock or traditional tick.

metronome best

It also has a volume control. Surprisingly, it’s small enough that it can easily fit in your guitar case or instrument case.

Why musicians like it

  • Choose from 2 types of sounds for tempo and beat
  • Red LED light is a clear visual tempo indication.
  • Reference tuning tones for a (440) and Bb (446. 1)
  • Tempo range from 40-208bpm can be set easily from the 39-position rotary dial

Starts at: $25.52

3. KLIQ MetroPitch

The KLIQ MetroPitch is an advanced digital metronome that also includes a tuner and tone generator.

Aside from regular bpm and tap tempo settings (30-250 bpm), you can also customize your time signature with a total of 15 presets.

With a headphone jack, you can hear the click at all times. Or use its trusty built-in speakers.

Why musicians like it:

  • If you need an all-in-one device 
  • Perfect for guitarists
  • Plug your guitar directly into the MetroPitch to tune
  • Practice your rear training with the tone generator

Price: $24.97

Metronome apps – Most convenient metronome for musicians

The Metronome by Soundbrenner

You can always find free apps that are robust and have versatile functions as metronome apps. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is packed with a ton of advanced features, all free to use. The Metronome by Soundbrenner is designed to be a professional tool to help musicians play with perfect precision.

best metronome app

A powerful metronome app for everyone. From beginner to professional, it suits different instrumentalists. The Metronome by Soundbrenner works great for daily practice, live performances or recording sessions.

This app works seamlessly with Soundbrenner wearables. Channel your rhythm through tactile pulses – on top of the auditory senses.

Recently a subscription-based service on the metronome app called Soundbrenner Plus. Features include cloud library synchronization, built-in music lessons, and more! For more information about the added feature, you can check it out here.

Why musicians like it:

  • It’s free! And available on both iOS and Android
  • It’s often rated as one of the best-designed metronomes
  • You can customize the time signature, subdivision, and accents
  • There are 21 different sounds to choose from
  • You can create and save rhythm setlists
  • You can sync and control Soundbrenner wearables with this app
  • Set the metronome to automatically pause at the end of the song with the Playback Counter
  • Keep track of how long you practice with the metronome with the Stopwatch feature 
  • Set the metronome to periodically mute as you play, and see if you can stay on the beat.

Vibrating metronomes – the most effective metronome for musicians

The greatest frustration that musicians have over audible vibrations is that they can get frustrated listening to them after hours of practice. We all know a violinist and pianist who suffers from ear fatigue. Metronome regulars are familiar with the endless “tick-tick-tick” of the device.

At Soundbrenner, we’ve combined technology and design to create products that help musicians practice better. This is how we came up with vibrating metronomes.

Vibrating metronomes that are wearable, easy to control, and much less intrusive. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for musicians to integrate the metronome into their practice. From guitarists to pianists, musicians are now preferring vibrating metronomes.

Soundbrenner Pulse, the wearable vibrating metronome

Our simplest and most popular vibrating metronome. Smart, wearable, and powered by vibrations 7x stronger than your smartphone. Simply tap your beat on the device and it’ll magically follow the beat. Find the precise BPM through the Soundbrenner app.

Some musicians like to combine sounds from the metronome app and the vibration of the wearable to be fully immersed in the beat.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a phenomenal tool for musicians from beginners to masters. As an aspiring bass player, timekeeping is an essential part of playing bass. The Soundbrenner Pulse allows a person to sync their playing with the pulse and keep perfect timing. I recommend that every musician get one. Sync up your band .” – Tracy Clark

Soundbrenner Pulse with the The Metronome App, best metronome app

Soundbrenner Core, the watch for musicians

Why is it the best metronome for musicians? It’s more than just a wearable metronome. It has a chromatic tuner, decibel meter, and even smart notifications – combining all your essential music tools in one device.

“The score I got is great. I tried it immediately after I received it. With how it looks or feels, you’ll definitely love this metronome. My sister who plays the drums uses it. She loves it and practices songs on the beat. This is an awesome piece of gear for musicians. I love the tuner, it’s on point and I’m a guitar player and I love this gear. I’ve been waiting for 2 years to get this. And I’m recommending this to all the musicians out there” – Leevia

What musicians love about it

  • Its convenience and portability
  • It makes practising more engaging
  • It’s stylish and great for everyday wear
  • Multiple devices can be synced together
best vibrating metronomes

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices like the Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, we hope to assist musicians in achieving their full potential. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about the Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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