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The smart,
vibrating metronome.

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Smart, wearable and powered by vibrations.

Vibrating metronome
Haptic learning
Multiplayer sync
Tap tempo
Companion app
‘Unlike the vibration of a smartphone, the Pulse’s vibration is strong and well defined.’


rhythm, like
never before.

Feel powerful vibrations

Vibrating metronome

Experience vibrations 7x times stronger than the average smartphone.

Don’t hear it, feel it

Silent metronome

No more annoying audio clicks. Free your ears for the music.

Sync it up and play as one

Setlist Library (Cloud Sync later)

Seamlessly connect to the world-renowned metronome app, The Metronome by Soundbrenner. Load your setlists, change songs and connect with your band.

Wear it anywhere

Pulse body strap separately available

Wear it on your chest, thigh or wherever you prefer to feel the vibrations in the most precise way possible.

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5+ devices connected
at once.

Connect the band and play as one.

Multiplayer sync

Connect up to 5+ devices and play tighter together than ever before. NFC/Bluetooth options available.

Also available at

Guitar Center


Simple and intuitive.
Tap and go.

Tap tempo

Capacitive touch

Simply tap your fingers and the tempo will follow your taps. It’s magical.

Twist to adjust

Control wheel

Easily adjust the tempo by turning the outer wheel.

Setlist control

Setlist Library (Cloud Sync later)

Switch between songs in your rhythm library with ease.

Soundbrenner Pulse
Soundbrenner Pulse
Soundbrenner Pulse
Soundbrenner Pulse


Companion app

The Metronome app by Soundbrenner.




Monthly users


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Ranked #1

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Control and Customize

Remote control

Configure the Pulse with many features and tools to your liking. Customize the LED lights, adjust vibrations and more.

Create and manage your setlists

Setlist library

Configure the Pulse’s deep customization through the app. Adjust time signatures, accents and subdivisions. Go even deeper and customize your LED lights, adjust vibrations, and more.

Connect with your DAW

DAW integration (Beta)

Connect the Soundbrenner Pulse to most major DAWs by using Ableton Link (among others) or by using MIDI Bluetooth or MIDI via USB cable (BetaCurrently not recommended for performances).

What musicians say.

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John JR Robinson

Most recorded drummer in history
Full star Full star Full star Full star Half star

"This is such a beautiful instrument, that it will help you maintain your humbleness and put you on a path of correctness."

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Jordan Rudess

Keyboardist from Dream Theater
Full star Full star Full star Full star Full star

"As a progressive musician, I find this very useful while practicing complex time signatures and improvising on the go. Very very nice."

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Robert Bubby Lewis

Bassist for Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo...
Full star Full star Full star Full star Half star

"You’re not hearing it, you’re feeling it. It’s a total game changer."

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Pascal Guyon

Multi Grammy Nominated Producer
Full star Full star Full star Full star Half star

"I think every single musician should actually use it because everyone needs to practice."

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Jordan Rudess improvs with the Soundbrenner Pulse

Jordan Rudess

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Anna Sentina Bass Guitarist | Master Your Craft

Anna Sentina

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The vibration faceoff: Apple Watch vs Pulse

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What Luke Holland thinks about the Pulse

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Stickstoff performance with Pulse

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Jordan Rudess improvs with the Pulse

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The Pulse with Ableton Link