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The Modern Metronome

Soundbrenner Pulse

Smart, wearable, and powered by vibrations.

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Unleash Your Music Potential

Why the Soundbrenner Pulse?

John "JR" Robinson, the most recorded drummer ever, tries out the Soundbrenner Pulse!

The Legendary Pianist Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater reviews the Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenenner Pulse: Guitar Center's Product Spotlight

Amazing tag-team beatbox performance by the American Beatbox Champion, Spider Horse

Introducing The Metronome App by Soundbrenner

Trusted by musicians worldwide

Jordan Rudess, The Legendary Pianist from Dream Theater

John “JR” Robinson, The Most Recorded Drummer in History

Luke Holland, Professional Drummer and Youtuber

Robert Bubby Lewis,Bassist for Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lupe Fiasco, Stevie Wonder and more

Robert Sarzo, Founding Member of Hurricane

Lino Park, Lino the Genius, drummer & sound designer

Pascal Guyon, Multi Grammy Nominated & Multi Platinum Producer

Becky Baldwin, Professional Bassist for IDestroy and DORJA

Lewis Jenkins, Professional Drummer

Amber Russell, Solo Fingerstyle Guitarist

Vahagn Stepanyan, Keyboard Player, Songwriter, Composer and Producer

Chastity Ashley, Percussionist for Duran Duran

Brian Karl, Professional Drummer for Station, D.M.K

Renato Martins, Master percussionist, educator and former Cirque du Soleil artist

Marco Sfogli, Guitarist, songwriter, arranger and session player

Tin Švegović, Professional guitarist and composer

Andre Dinuth, Solo Artist, Session Player

Nathania Jualim, Guitarist / Singer

Israel Bento, Musician / Drummer / Educator / Songwriter

Tommaso Lotti, Fingerstyle Guitarist

Michael Kobrin, Singwriter & Percussive guitar

Don’t hear it, Feel it.

  • Powered by Vibrations

    Experience vibrations 7x times stronger than the average smartphone.

  • Silent Metronome

    No more annoying audio clicks. Free your ears for the music.

  • Wear it Anywhere

    Wrist, ankle, arm, chest. Anywhere you want.

Simple & Intuitive. Adjust your beat
on the go.

  • Tap in Tempo

    Simply tap your fingers and the tempo will follow your taps. It’s magical.

  • Twist to Adjust

    Easily adjust the tempo by turning the outer wheel.

  • Twist to Control the Setlist

    Switch between songs in your rhythm library with ease.

Also Available here

Connect and Customise
with “The Metronome” Free App

Ableton Link Enabled
Adjust BPM, Time Signature, Subdivisions
Song & Setlist Library
Customized Vibrations
Change Light Colors
Ableton Link Enabled
Adjust BPM, Time Signature, Subdivisions
Song & Setlist Library
Customized Vibrations
Change Light Colors

Play tighter together.
Never miss a beat.

  • Multi-Player Synchronisation

    Synchronise up to 5 devices, and never miss a beat while grooving with the pulse.

  • Bluetooth enabled

    Connect seamlessly with the tap of a button. No more complicated set-ups.

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"This is such a beautiful instrument, that it will help you maintain your humbleness and put you on a path of correctness.” John “JR” Robinson, The Most Recorded Drummer Ever

“As a progressive musician, I find this very useful while practicing complex time signatures and improvising on the go. Very very nice.“ Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist from Dream Theater

"It’s totally amazing for me. I mean, it’s like a complete game changer.“ Chastity Asheley, Percussionist for Duran Duran

Empowering musicians everywhere,
one beat at a time.

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