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Blog overview

Introducing Soundbrenner Plus

Florian Simmendinger, in Product news
Jan 15, 2021 | 10 min read

At Soundbrenner we think of music making as a superpower. With music you can captivate a room, create unforgettable memories and bring people from all over the world together. Our goal is to use great design and modern technology to build the most innovative tools for musicians. Tools that have the potential to make the superpower of being a musician more accessible and that will help you master the craft of music. We want to focus all our attention on these goals, so we need a business model that supports this vision.

It all starts with a simple, but important principle: our tools are the product, and our users are the customers. This means that we do not want to build a business model that relies on selling your personal data. It also means that our users always come first and deserve fairness and transparency. We want to build tools that are supported by you and other users like you – because they create real value in your life. We decided that the best way to account for all this is to launch a new subscription service called Soundbrenner Plus. 

When you subscribe to Soundbrenner Plus, your contribution goes towards adding new, often-requested features to the app, improving the existing ones and offering reliability you can count on. Your subscription funds better music tools that the world urgently needs. And thanks to this paid subscription, we’re able to keep the basic functions of our app free for everyone, to make music-making even more accessible. Currently we’re at 7 million downloads and counting for our app!

If you own a Soundbrenner wearable and you don’t want to become a subscriber just yet, you have nothing to fear. It’s very important to us that our devices are fully functioning, viable products even without any active subscription and we promise that this will never change!

So what changes today?

First of all, these changes only affect our iOS app – we hope with the success of this subscription service, we will be able to bring them to Android at some point in 2021, although development has not yet started.

With Soundbrenner Plus we are launching several new features and services. A 14-day free trial is available to all new users; and an extended 3-month free trial is available to Pulse or Core owners. On top of that, we are offering limited launch discounts for our existing app users until January 31. More below 👇

Cloud synchronization for metronome presets & setlists

  • For subscribers our iOS app will now be able to automatically sync all your songs and setlists to the cloud. This means your library will always be safely backed up. If you change your phone, all you have to do is log in to your Soundbrenner account and your library will be restored in less than a minute!
  • If you use more than one device (e.g. a tablet), your library and all changes will now be synced across all your devices. You don’t have to create everything twice and manually keep changes in sync.

Another change is that on the free tier you will only be able to have a maximum of 10 songs and 2 setlists. To make this transition period easier, we are offering a limited launch deal for all existing users. Until January 31 you can save more than 30% of the subscription price, and you will be able to keep this cheaper price even in the future. On top of that, we are also gifting every existing user additional song & setlist storage, so that your library as it is today remains fully accessible and editable, whether you decide to subscribe or not.

Soundbrenner Learn videos & articles

We are also introducing Soundbrenner Learn –  the world’s best content library on mastering rhythm. We produced over 30 videos together with some of the best rhythm instructors. The content will help you improve your rhythm skills and play with rock-solid precision. No matter your instrument or skill level, you will certainly find some helpful videos and articles in our new section. Some of them are free, while others require a subscription. We will launch new content every other week because learning never ends. Go check out the new section in the app today!


As a subscriber, you can also enjoy exclusive perks from other innovative music tech companies like discounts and product bundles (including 50% off all accessories on soundbrenner.com).

Today is just the beginning of a long journey! We have so many amazing plans that have the potential to transform how instruments are played and practiced around the world. We are excited to keep working towards this ambitious goal together. Thanks for all your help and support, and for joining us on this journey.

My last question goes to you: what features would you like us to add to Soundbrenner Plus next? Please email me your suggestions and any other feedback you have to [email protected].

CEO & Co-founder of Soundbrenner


I already have more than 10 songs and 2 setlists – what’s going to happen?

The app will offer you a one-time gift to increase the base limit of free songs and setlists you can have. This means you will be able to continue to use all the songs and setlists you have today and play music with them. We also offer a limited launch discount of over 30% to make this transition easier.

What happens to my library if I cancel my subscription?

After you cancel your subscription, you will be able to keep all your songs and setlists and play music with them. However, you will not be able to edit or sync them, until you either re-subscribe or go below the limits of the free plan.

We want to publicly commit to always follow these subscription principles we’ve set ourselves:

  1. Our primary goal will always be to offer a great product that musicians love.
  2. We will never move essential features of our wearables behind the subscription, so that they remain independent, fully viable products
  3. We won’t make it hard to unsubscribe. You can always self-unsubscribe and will always be able to cancel renewal at any time with no commitment. 
  4. No hidden traps. We won’t design our offer with the goal to make money when you forget to cancel.
  5. If you forget to cancel, just email us immediately after the renewal and we’ll offer a refund if possible.
  6. We won’t build confusing UI so you subscribe by accident or with wrong ideas about pricing.
  7. We won’t kick you out of your plan. If we increase our pricing, as an existing subscriber, you will always be able to at least enjoy the features you have today at your current rate.
  8. We will never make selling your data to third parties our business model. Check out our privacy policy here: www.soundbrenner.com/app-privacy-policy.

Designed to help make music-learning easier, Soundbrenner Plus helps students and aspiring musicians to stay focused on what truly matters: their music. Interested in integrating the Soundbrenner Plus into your classroom?

Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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