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Vibrating metronome | Tuner | dB meter | Smartwatch


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Vibrating metronome


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Minuendo earplugs

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Genki Wave

MIDI ring that controls sound with the movement of your hand


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Smartphone studio mic

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Stomp Bluetooth pedal

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The Metronome app

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Reviews for Soundbrenner


Marsha Vancouver, Canada

Effective and Convenient...Soundbrenner Core Steel

I am just starting out with guitar but the Core Steel is such an amazing tool. It makes practice fun, keeps me consistent, and helps me to just relax and enjoy time with my guitar. Can't wait to use it while performing for my family!

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Mark Memphis, United States

Super useful and convenient even for shows

Just used it at gigs for the first time on Saturday. I’m the drummer but the guitarist could turn round see the beats flashing if he was starting the song not me. Kept us all together neither dragging nor racing through two gigs and a long hard day.

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Erden Charlotte, United States

Definitely one of my best purchases this year

Really love this product! Helps me maintain tempo in playing music which I have struggled with for years! Also a great companion when working out. I use it for timing between workout sets. Design is super sleek as well, great buy!

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Ron Medley, United States

A life-saver

I am a singer-songwriter but due to an ear injury, I’ve been unable to hear the frequency of click tracks. The Core has been immensely useful and within a few weeks I’ve learnt how to master it. The Core is great and I love its potential.

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Shawn Chicago, United States

A 5-star product for sure

I've got the tempos set in the app and it counts in all the songs for the band, we also link up on other projects so everyone with a Soundbrenner gets the beat. As a guitar player, I really dig the tuner and being able to tap a tempo into the watch and always having it with me is fantastic.

Verified purchase


May Nashvile, United States

Quite satisfied

I’m enjoying the metronome function, and have yet to try the tuner. However, I would have liked it to have some health monitoring features such as step-count.

Verified purchase


Victoria New Orleans, United States

The most useful features for me are the contact tuner and dB meter

I'm a music teacher and I loved using the Core at work. Tried to tune a guitar, a ukulele and a bass, everything worked perfectly! I have also set my watch to alarm me if the dB gets too loud where I am, and it has been a saviour at different places.

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John JR Robinson, the most recorded drummer in history
The Core allows me to play better. Anywhere. Anytime. I recommended it to every musician I know, from beginners to professionals and across all instruments.
Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist from Dream Theater
As a progressive musician, I find the Pulse very useful while practicing complex time signatures and improvising on the go. Very very nice.
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