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  • Why go for Minuendo:

    Minuendo lossless earplugs are very different to your normal earplugs. They provide the most natural sound in a wide range of sound levels.

  • How is Minuendo different from normal earplugs?

    Minuendo are the world’s only variable passive Hi-Fi filter earplugs. By manually adjust the lever the earplugs can decrease the level by 7 to 25dB whilst keeping the sound crystal clear.

  • What is it like wearing them?

    With patented membrane technology and micrometer precision craftsmanship there is no frequency degradation like the muffled sound of existing foam earplugs.

  • How comfortable are they?

    The acoustic earplugs come with a range of ear tulips in different materials and varying sizes to ensure you find comfort whilst wearing them and the prevention of sound leakage.

  • Do I need to charge the earplugs?

    No, there are no electronics or batteries in the earplugs. They are the world’s only variable passive Hi Fi filter earplugs.

  • Where are Minuendo made?

    Designed and manufactured in Norway for musicians with the highest focus on natural sound quality, there are the earplugs you’ve been waiting for.