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"This is such a beautiful instrument, that it will help you maintain your humbleness and put you on a path of correctness.” John “JR” Robinson, The Most Recorded Drummer Ever

“As a progressive musician, I find this very useful while practicing complex time signatures and improvising on the go. Very very nice.“ Jordan Rudess, Keyboardist from Dream Theater

“It’s totally amazing for me. I mean, it’s like a complete game changer.“ Chastity Asheley, Percussionist for Duran Duran

“I’ve been playing for 47 years. Everytime I practice, I practice with a metronome.“ Paul Mirkovich, Music Director for "The Voice"


Wear it anywhere: Wear it on the wrist, upper arm, ankle, thigh or chest (with the Body Strap)

Powerful Vibrations: Vibrations 7x stronger than the average smartphones and smartwatches

Companion App: Works standalone and becomes more powerful with the Metronome App

Visual Metronome: LED flashes in sync with the vibration

DAW support via MIDI: Sync it up with Ableton, Logic, and any DAW that supports MIDI over Bluetooth

Tap Tempo: Tap three times and set your tempo!

Customize Rhythms: Create your time signatures, subdivisions, and accents

Multiplayer Synchronization: Sync up to 5 devices via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet

Song & Setlist Library: Create set-lists, pick and customize your songs and play!

What's in the box

1 X Soundbrenner Pulse

1 X Short band

1 X Long band

1 X Magnetic charging station

1 X USB charging cable


Body: 1.75″ or 4.5 cm, black casing

Bands: Water-resistant silicon straps in two lengths

Motor: Advanced high-quality Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) vibration motor; rated 7G

Battery Life: 6 hours of continuous active metronome use

Charging station: Universal Micro USB socket to recharge the lithium polymer battery; 2.5 – 3 hours to charge; magnetic clip

RGB LED lights: Illuminate the logo and wheel in user-definable colors and flash to the beat

User Input: Capacitive touch sensor for tapping interaction; outer wheel to precisely adjust the BPM; companion apps for mobile and desktop

Compatibility: To connect the Soundbrenner Pulse to your smartphone or tablet, they need to support at least Bluetooth 4.0 as well as iOS 10 (and later) or Android 5 (and later). Supported devices include iPhone 5 (and later), iPod touch 6 (and later) and iPad 4 (and later). Most Android mobile devices that were released in 2014 and later are compatible.


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