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Why go for a Soundbrenner wearable?

Don't hear it, feel it

Get rid of the annoying click and feel the beat with powerful vibrations.

Remove the hassle

Sit down and start practicing. Your tools at the convenience of your wrist.

Reach your musical goals

Practice is everything. With great tools you actually want to use, you'll practice more.


Core 2

The ultimate practice companion


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The original vibrating metronome


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Compare wearables

There's a wearable for every musician. Which one is right for you?


Soundbrenner app

4.7 stars, 177k+ ratings

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RedDot Winner Minuendo

Minuendo earplugs

Adjustable hearing protection with no compromises


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Wave IEMs

Precision in every beat


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Stomp foot pedal

Control all of your music apps with the tap of a foot


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Smartphone studio mic

High quality audio recording with all of your devices


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Genki Wave

MIDI ring to control your sound with hand movement


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Turn anything into a MIDI instrument


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Make music with your touch


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Real reviews by real musicians

Based on verified customer reviews on

Victoria New Orleans, United States

The most useful features for me are the contact tuner and dB meter

I'm a music teacher and I loved using the Core at work. Tried to tune a guitar, a ukulele and a bass, everything worked perfectly! I have also set my watch to alarm me if the dB gets too loud where I am, and it has been a saviour at different places.

Verified purchase


Chris Boston, United States

Mv Soundbrenner Pulse has been a real godsend!

Having always struggled with a steady beat the Pulse has made an amazing difference in my playing by eliminating having to process a traditional metronome's ticks & tocks and allowing me to focus on the sound of my music.

Verified purchase


Jace New Haven, United States

Perfect for chaotic shows and very loud clubs

Used them for two concerts now, including a very aggressive bass show where there was violent moshing. They stayed in place the whole show and are very comfortable. Highly recommend these!

Verified purchase


Kelly Wellington, New Zealand

Definitely does the job

I used to own the Pulse, which did the job well.
However, I found that using my phone to control the Pulse was a little inconvenient. So, I upgraded to the Core and life is just so much easier.

Verified purchase


Erden Charlotte, United States

Definitely one of my best purchases this year

Really love this product! Helps me maintain tempo in playing music which I have struggled with for years! Also a great companion when working out. I use it for timing between workout sets. Design is super sleek as well, great buy!

Verified purchase


Dwayne Columbus, United States

Worth every penny & a MUST have

FINALLY!! Earplugs that do the job and still let you hear & feel the music. Like them so much I bought another pair to keep in my other guitar case so I’ll always have them no matter what guitar I bring. Great piece of kit right here!

Verified purchase


John New York, United States

Along with accompanying app, this is a great tool

I have incorporated this metronome into my practice routine with great success. It is easy to use and has intuitive controls. This definitely gets my recommendation.

Verified purchase


Josh New York, United States

It does what it says it will do at a high level

The leather band is a comfort level better than rubber and plastic. It looks great too. Listen and play more music people! Thanks.

Verified purchase