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6 Alternative Ways for Musicians to Make Money

Team Soundbrenner, in Music lessons
Jul 19, 2021 | 15 min read

written by Micah Norris

The entertainment industry has been crippled by the Coronavirus Pandemic. According to the BBC, in 2020, music creators lost two-thirds of their income, and the shutdown of concerts and festivals caused live music revenues to fall by 85%. It may be years before live music returns to normalcy, so musicians are increasingly looking for other ways to generate an income. Our team at Soundbrenner recommends six ways in which musicians can make money.

Livestream performances

In the absence of live shows, online performances fill a gap for those who crave access to live music. If you are comfortable performing to a virtual audience, then charging a viewing or admission fee for online shows is a viable way to earn some extra money on the side.

Sell merchandise

If you are a well-known musician in your local area, consider selling merchandise. Your star has yet to reach zenith – but fun and quirky merchandise will always be popular. Use your spare time to create a logo or interesting artworks to sell as posters, shirts, hats, or other memorabilia.

Create a Youtube channel

A YouTube channel is an excellent vehicle for getting your music out into the public eye, but it is not the only benefit. By joining the YouTube Partner Programme, you can use ads on your videos to generate income.

Teach a class

If you have excellent music skills, set yourself up as a music teacher. You can do it face to face, under COVID-friendly conditions, or virtually. You can conduct lessons via Zoom or sell pre-recorded lessons through an educational site such as Udemy. Teach music theory or production, depending on where your talents lie. 

Alternative ways to make money musicians

Start a blog

Blogging can take a few months to generate an income. Starting a blog is one of the top alternative ways to make money. Top blogger Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns around $2 million a year. Starting a blog is as simple as signing up to a hosting provider and writing engaging articles. Affiliate links and advertising can provide significant passive income if you drive enough traffic to your website. 

Consider starting an educational blog where you teach an instrument. A local scene blog that lets readers know about gigs and concerts in the local area or a gossip blog that dishes celebrity dirt. Your blog can be a great place to implement some of the above ideas – such as streaming your show or selling merchandise. 

Freelancing opportunities

Your heart may belong to the music, but have you thought about non-musical freelancing opportunities? Consider being a Virtual Assistant, trying freelance writing, setting up as an accountant, or putting those IT skills to use.  It’s easier to find remote work so that you can use other skills without having to use an office.

These are tough days for musicians and the live music industry. Creating and formalizing an alternative source of income can give you the freedom to retain your freedom and integrity whilst earning a decent living wage. 

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