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Blog overview

Weird and bizzare MIDI devices | 6 best MIDI controllers in 2024

Frederik Nielsen, in Uncategorized
Jan 17, 2024 | 5 min read

Are you tired of the same old standard gear? If so, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We’re about to celebrate the weirder side of music technology! Traditional MIDI controllers? Yawn.

They’re as commonplace as your average pencil. Today, we’ll rebel against the conventional and explore the mesmerizing world of unconventional MIDI controllers! 

1. Artiphon Orba

The tiny musical marvel that is the Atiphon Orba fits in the palm of your hand and bends to your gestures like an obedient pet. 

The coolest part? 

You can control its many features, such as pitch-bend and filter, with a flick of your wrist or a simple press on one of its 8 pressure-sensitive pads! 

2. Playtron

Playtron and TouchMe MIDI controllers

The Playtron MIDI Controller offers a unique way to create your custom MIDI controller. It can connect up to 16 objects with alligator clips. This allows you to use it with several mobile apps, online synthesizers, or your favourite DAW.

From fruits to plants, and even toys, the possibilities are endless. Connect the clips from objects capable of conducting electricity to Playtron, and assign a different MIDI note (C1 to D#2 by default) to each object. Then, you can start playing and creating your unique sounds!

Why we love it

  • A unique way to make music and you could add a very interesting/interactive aspect to your performance
  • Very affordable price for the several versatile features
  • Combine with other MIDI controllers or instruments to create complex arrangements and performances. 
  • Very portable (can be connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth for a wireless setup)


  • Not best for very precise control

3. Lumatone Isomorphic Keyboard

This is the ultimate playground for music creators. With 280 mappable hexagon keys and free Lumatone editing software, you can assign any colour, note, tuning, or temperament to each key. 

It’s an entirely new way of music-making, making you rethink how you compose melodies and chord progressions. 

Yes, it costs around $4,000, but the Lumatone is built to last with an aluminium body and 10 preset buttons. It’s the holy grail for pros who fancy themselves as musical chameleons.

4. Dubler Studio Kit 2

Say goodbye to the tedious task of drawing out your drums. With Dubler Studio Kit, you can beatbox your heart out and have it notate your voice into a MIDI format. 

The package comes with a USB microphone and Dubler software, allowing you to turn your voice, and even your hummed bass lines, into MIDI data. 

The mic and software are so responsive that they can work with and distinguish between sounds even when they overlap. 

For the musically challenged, this is a magic wand that turns you into a melody and harmony virtuoso!

5. Genki Wave Ring

Ever dreamed of having a musical instrument at your fingertips? Literally? 

Then the Genki Wave Ring is for you. 

This wearable MIDI controller is motion-controlled, has six unique gestures, and is Eurorack compatible. You can control various functions with just a press of a button, making your music production practice more fluid. 

And the best part? 

It’s also perfect for live performances, letting you control your music seamlessly with the flick of a finger.

6. TouchMe

TouchMe allows you to connect to objects in the same way as Playtron. However, this is a sensory device as it is set to react differently to the touch. Meaning, when the area of touch and intensity changes, the sound changes too, causing the pitch to go higher or lower!

Why we love it

  • Overall great sequencer
  • Perfect amount of keys
  • Combine with other MIDI controllers or instruments to create complex arrangements and performances. 
  • Explore the theremin-like sound generation potential of the TouchMe device to create dynamic and expressive music. 
  • Interact with other people in a musical creative environment.
  • Very portable (can be connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth for a wireless setup)


  • Not best for very precise control

Understand the unconventional

From the handheld and gesture-controlled Artiphon Orba to the Lumatone Isomorphic Keyboard that challenges our perception of what a keyboard should look like; these MIDI controllers are as varied as they are unconventional.

Midi ControllerKey FeaturesPrice
Artiphon OrbaGesture-controlled, Compact, 8 pressure-sensitive padsUS$109.00
PlaytronConnect up to 16 clips to objects capable of conducting electricity to play musicUS$95
Lumatone Isomorphic Keyboard280 mappable hexagon keys, Durable aluminium bodyUS$3,995.00
Dubler Studio Kit 2Voice to MIDI, Overlapping sound recognitionUS$219.00
Genki Wave RingMotion-controlled, 6 unique gestures, WearableUS$249.99
TouchMeWhen the area of touch and intensity changes, the sound changes too. US$99

Discover the weird and the wonderful

With these MIDI controllers, you can redefine your music game. You can control the Orba with gestures, play the Aerophone on the go, remix the traditional keyboard concept with the Lumatone, translate your voice to MIDI with the Dubler Kit, convert human touch with to MIDI with Touchme, use various conductive objects with Playtron or go ultra-tech with the wearable Wave Ring. 

Isn’t it time you infused some fun and fresh air into your music life? 

Thanks for reading our article on the Weird and bizarre MIDI devices | Top 5 best MIDI controllers! We at Soundbrenner are dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices, such as Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, our goal is to deliver the best possible practice experience for musicians. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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