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Blog overview

Music practice tips for parents

Team Soundbrenner, in Music insights
Feb 17, 2022 | 3 min read

Helping your child have a more rewarding music learning experience

In this article, we will explore some very simple and creative music practice tips for parents. With these tips, you will not only be able to help your children get through should they ever get stuck, but you will also help make the music learning process a lot more fun and rewarding. 

Music education, be it in the form of learning to play a musical instrument, singing, sight-reading, or learning music theory, can be both an exciting and rewarding endeavor for children. However, as exciting as this might initially seem, without following best practices and using a rather creative approach, it can quickly become an uninspiring and may even be a dreaded activity for kids. This is where you come in as a parent and not just solely leave everything for the music teacher (if there is one). 

Music practice tips for parents #1: Become a part of their music appreciation process

As kids learn to play music, they naturally and gradually become more appreciative of different kinds of music and musical forms. However, this isn’t something that will happen at an instance, it will always be a rather steady and progressive process. As a parent, one of the best things you can do for your children is to be a part of this process. This way, you do not only reassure your children that they are on the right path, but you also instill confidence and seriousness in them without directly making it seem so. 

However, one thing you should avoid doing is actively trying to take control of this process. Rather, allow your child to take control while you indirectly supervise. Among the many music practice tips for parents, this tip targets not only the technical aspect of your child’s musicality but also the appreciative and creative aspects. 


Be deliberate about listening, appreciating, and even judging music with them while being careful not to impose your opinion. This way, you are not just showing them respect to their growth process, but also indirectly showing love. Don’t force or constrict your child to a particular style of music, even if their music lessons are based on that style. Children are natural explorers and won’t cage their exploring instinct when it comes to music. 

Enjoy music shows together

Attend concerts, festivals, and shows with them while also being sensitive to the music they are naturally being attracted to during this process. By being an active part of this process and allowing them the freedom to choose their interest, you are not only laying foundations for solid and versatile musicianship; you are also helping them understand the universality and diversity of music. There are many music practice tips for parents, but this is one you should always hold close. 


Music practice tips for parents #2: Make it practical and fun

Music is naturally a practical field and not theoretical. Although music theory is very important in overall music education, towing the traditional path of “practice over theory” will always be very rewarding – especially for kids. The goal is not to totally eradicate theory from their practice routine, but to make it more centered on actual practice. Come to think of it, which will impress you the most? A child who can perfectly draw the circle of fifths or the child who can perfectly play the national anthem on the piano? Of all the music practice tips for parents, this one is targeted at keeping the children engaged and making the process seem like less work. 

Another thing is that it is not just enough to make the learning process more centered on practical, you also have to make it filled with fun and activities that will always make them look up to “practice time.” This might be as simple as incorporating their favorite songs into the routine or bringing in games that will spice up rehearsals. Make sure to celebrate all accomplishments, even the smallest of them. 

Music can be fun

Also, make them see music from a different light and not just like another school course or another extra-curricular activity. Help your child understand that music is truly different from every other thing in the world – not just different, but also very important. When your child understands that he or she is engaging in a very important activity (although fun), they will naturally develop extra interest and seriousness. Lastly, while doing this, avoid making practice seem like an obligation – even though it is. 

Covering all the best music practice tips for parents will definitely be beyond the scope of this article. However, these few points will help put you on the right track while embarking on this amazing and eventful journey with your child[ren]

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