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In Time with Jesus Molina, Colombian jazz pianist known for his international Masterclass.

Team Soundbrenner, in Community news
Aug 25, 2021 | 7 min read

This week we are joined by fusion jazz pianist Jesús Molina. The Colombian has spent the past year focusing on his international Masterclass programme, and recently released his fifth album ‘Departing’.

In this episode, he talks to us about his musical background. Molina began playing saxophone in church at age 12, switching to piano at age 15. This decision stemmed from his frustration at the temperamental nature of woodwind instruments and wanting the ability to ‘consistently sound great’ when he sat down to play. He was self taught and discovered jazz through youtube, where he was drawn to the technique and sound of legends such as Oscar Peterson.

Jesús goes on to discuss his education and his own teaching strategy. Molina earned a full scholarship to Berklee. He tells us that the most useful lesson from the institute was understanding music theory. Additionally, he highlights the importance of ‘detaching yourself from attitude’ and emotionally connecting to music. These beliefs build the foundation of his masterclasses, which he teaches in both religious and academic institutes.

We finish off the episode by exploring Jesús’ compositional approach. He admits that this is usually influenced by what he is focusing on in practice technique-wise, rather than being limited by stylistic expectations.

Finally, we discuss reharmonisation and the selective process for his 2019 album Reharms. Vol 1.

‘You should learn music like you learn to talk. You listen and you repeat. […] If it sounds good, it is good.’

The full episode of In Time with Jesús Molina is available on https://www.InTimePodcast.com. You can also listen on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music. Follow @InTimeUK for all clips & episode information. 

More information on Jesús’ new releases and masterclass can be found on his website. You can also follow his instagram @jesusmolinamusic and check out his youtube.

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