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Best music streaming services 2022

Team Soundbrenner, in Community news
Mar 18, 2022 | 2 min read

Music streaming services have undoubtedly become one of the main ways people listen to music. With just the tap of a button or two, you have access to countless songs aging back to the dawn of time. The convenience and ease of streaming services are what makes it a top option for listening to music. So, the question that comes up is, which streaming service should you use? 

We’ve gathered a list of some of the Internet’s favourite music streaming platforms to see which one is most worth your time. 

1. Spotify

Arguably the most popular streaming service on this list, Spotify covers everything the average music listener would need. Spotify offers three monthly subscription plans to choose from (where applicable): Spotify Student US$4.99/month, Spotify Premium US$9.99/month, Spotify Family US$14.99/month. Don’t worry if you’re skimping on costs, Spotify Free is a viable option. 


  • The Spotify algorithm which creates personalised playlists based on your listening history
  • Available across multiple platforms
  • Follow artists for new music release updates or artist playlists
  • The exciting end of year tradition, Spotify Wrapped


  • Does not offer lossless quality as of the moment
  • Ads in Spotify Free could be a bother

2. Apple Music

Another big name in the audio streaming service, Apple Music doesn’t fall too far behind Spotify. Like Spotify, Apple Music is available on both iOS and Android for $9.99/month with three other plans: For students US$4.99/month, Family tier US$14.99/month, 12-month plan US$99. 


  • Hi-res, spatial and lossless audio quality
  • Curated playlists made by musicians and crew at Apple Music
  • Algorithms to personalise music you could potentially enjoy
  • Access to lyrics and music videos 


  • Apple Music’s user interface is, arguably, less enjoyable (The radio button in the main tab may be redundant for the millions of users who do not make use of the radio feature)

3. Youtube Music

One of the best options for music video fanatics, Youtube Music is slowly but surely finding its place among the many great options available for streaming music. Available for free (supported by ads) or with three other subscription plan options: For students US$5/month, Individual plan US$10/month, Family plan US$15/month. 


  • Content available to download for offline playback
  • The artists you follow on Youtube music won’t be merged with your Youtube account subscriptions
  • Access to recorded live performances


  • What we already know and are familiar with on Youtube, makes understanding the purpose of Youtube music a little confusing
  • Audio quality lags behind its competitors

4. Amazon Music Unlimited

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might want to check out Amazon Music Unlimited. While Amazon Prime Music comes with your Prime membership, you can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for US$7.99/month (and US$9.99/month for non-Prime members). 


  • Most cost efficient for existing Prime members
  • Hi-res and spatial audio quality
  • Great library with over 90 million songs in HD


  • Costs more than its competitors if you don’t have Amazon Prime
  • No video or radio features

5. Tidal

Tidal has long been a favourite for streaming music. Offering the best audio quality and an extensive catalogue, many consider Tidal to be a top choice for listening to music on non-Apple devices. With the most costly subscription plans on this list, Tidal offers two subscription plans: HiFi US$9.99/month, HiFi Plus US$19.99/month. They also offer a family plan that costs US$4.99/month for each person added, and a student plan which gives 50% off both HiFi and HiFi Plus. 


  • Artist compensation is inarguably the best among this list. With Hi-Fi Plus, 10% of your subscription payment goes directly to artists (excluding standard streaming royalties!)
  • Hi-fidelity audio quality, including tracks with immersive sound
  • User interface is convenient and sophisticated


  • Their free option, Tidal Free, is only available in the US as of now

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