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7 musical mother’s day gifts to surprise mom in 2024

Frederik Nielsen, in Community news
Jan 12, 2024 | 3 min read

Get ready to rock your mom’s world this Mother’s Day with our top-rated 7 Mother’s Day gifts.

Are you tired of giving your mom the same old boring Mother’s Day gifts? She won’t ever admit to it, but so is she! This year, why not mix it up with some musical flair? From shower singing to car karaoke, we’ve got you covered with the top 7 melodic ideas for Mother’s Day gifts sure to make mom feel like a rockstar (or at least a shower star).

Make your mom’s heart sing with these 7 Mother’s Day gifts:

Showing Mom how much you love her, especially that one special day of the year, can get monotonous. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of sound-sational Mother’s Day Gift ideas to help show how much you care about her and her musical talents!

1. Soundbrenner Core

The Soundbrenner Core is taking the musical world by storm thanks to its wide range of versatile features. It’s aesthetically pleasing and compact enough to be worn daily (additional brownie points!). A contact tuner, dB meter, and vibrating metronome all rolled into one sleek package. It can also be worn for a hands-free practice session and is whisper-quiet.

2. Personalized soundwave

Is mom’s rhythm and timing already near-perfect? If that’s the case with your mom, we have the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. Order her this customized soundwave that comes printed on an elegant silk background. It can be personalized with her favourite song and her favourite metallic colour. Or, whichever colour scheme goes best with her interiors, you choose!

3. Minuendo earplugs

The Minuendo Lossless Earplugs make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for all moms with a musical streak. 

Mom shouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality, just like she never compromised on always giving you the best. Besides, stepless adjustment and natural, no-loss sound are just some features that make these the perfect Mother’s Day gift option for all the supermoms out there. Car karaoke, here she comes!

4. Playtron

Playtron and TouchMe MIDI controllers

The perfect way for your mum to express herself through her music and have fun at the same time! Playtron MIDI Controller offers a unique way to create your own custom MIDI controller. It has the ability to connect up to 16 objects with alligator clips. This allows you to use it with several mobile apps, online synthesizers, or your favourite DAW.

From fruits to plants, and even toys, the possibilities are endless. Connect the clips from objects capable of conducting electricity to Playtron, and assign a different MIDI note (C1 to D#2 by default) to each object. Then, you can start playing and creating your own unique sounds!

Why we love it

  • A unique way to make music and you could add a very interesting/interactive aspect to your performance
  • Very affordable price for the several versatile features
  • Combine with other MIDI controllers or instruments to create complex arrangements and performances. 
  • Very portable (can be connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth for a wireless setup)


  • Not best for very precise control

5. TouchMe

TouchMe allows you to connect to objects in the same way as Playtron. However, this is a sensory device as it is set to react differently to the touch. Meaning, when the area of touch and intensity changes, the sound changes too, causing the pitch to go higher or lower!

Why we love it

  • Overall great sequencer
  • Perfect amount of keys
  • Combine with other MIDI controllers or instruments to create complex arrangements and performances. 
  • Explore the theremin-like sound generation potential of the TouchMe device to create dynamic and expressive music. 
  • Interact with other people in a musical creative environment.
  • Very portable (can be connected to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth for a wireless setup)


  • Not best for very precise control

6. Birth month stone guitar pick

Additionally, these hand-made picks are carved from smooth polished stone, guaranteed to tug on her heartstrings.

Stone options range from fiery red agate for July, soothing blue jasper for September, and bright yellow aventurine for November. Furthermore, each guitar pick will be totally unique thanks to the hand-carved natural stones used to make them. In addition, they are perfect for the minimalist mom that has it all!

7. Concert tickets

This one might seem like a given. There’s little your mom will appreciate more than spending quality time with one of her favourite people (you!). Why not do that in a way that pays homage to her musical passion? 

Get Mom and yourself tickets to see her favourite band or artist. Mom will surely remember the evening for years to come( preferably something that ends before 8 pm!). Trust us on this. 

Make this Mother’s Day unforgettable

Regardless of your Mom’s taste in music, all these Mother’s Day gifts are guaranteed to sound like music to her ears. Pair them with a hot breakfast in bed and you’ll be her favourite child for a long time!

Thanks for reading our article on the 7 Musical Mother’s Day Gifts to Surprise Mom! We at Soundbrenner are dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices, such as Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, our goal is to deliver the best possible practice experience for musicians. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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