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2 alligator clips

2 alligator clips

Micro USB cable

Micro USB cable


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  • Why doesn't the device have a body? Won't it break?

    Don't worry! The devices are not as fragile as they look! They are long-lasting and can withstand pressure.

    Bare PCB preserves the functionality of the design and gives DIY aesthetics. They also make the devices more eco-friendly, and show that electronics are pretty straightforward.

  • Can I use my own sounds?

    Sure! The MIDI-controller works with every musical program, and the sound choice is not limited.

  • What do I need to play on the devices?

    You need a PC, a tablet, a smartphone or a DAW-less synth. You also need a USB-adapter and a music app, such as GarageBand, for example.

  • Is current dangerous for my health?

    Definitely not! The current impulse is so slight that it can't influence your health.

    But we don’t recommend people with pacemakers to use the devices (just in case).

  • What object can I use to make music?

    Both devices - Playtron and TouchMe - use the idea of conductivity in order to trigger musical sounds. Conductivity, for those who don’t know it, is the ability that some objects and materials have to let electricity flow through them.

    By connecting one cable to yourself and another to a conductive object or material, you create a harmless electric circuit. You close this circuit when you touch the conductive object/material and this is what triggers the musical sounds.

Tech specs

195mm x 45mm (7.6 in x 1.8 in)
35g (1.2 oz)
USB cable
Micro USB to USB-A

Compare Playtronica

Included alligator clips
Max. connected objects
Touch sensitive
Connector patches
Lightning adapter
USB-C adapter


Turn objects into musical instruments
Available separately
Available separately
Available separately


Turn your body into a musical instrument
Available separately
Available separately
Available separately

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