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Minuendo earplugs 3 year protection plan

Protect your Minuendo earplugs from accidental damages.

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Minuendo earplugs 3 year protection plan

Protect your Minuendo earplugs from accidental damages.

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  • What is the difference to other earplugs?

    "A key benefit of Minuendo the membrane which can be seen as a "second eardrum" and is critical to achieving a flat frequency response. Custom molded musicians’ earplugs have fixed membrane filters, and this is one of the reasons these, like Minuendo, sound good."

  • How do Minuendo earplugs work? (technical)

    "Part of Minuendo’s patented innovation lies in the unique ability to adjust and steplessly tension the membrane. This provides a large range of varying attenuation. The Minuendo earplug lever simultaneously controls a combination of slit thickness, volumes and membrane tensioning to achieve natural sound across the adjustable range. The intricate interaction between membrane structure, tensioning, meshes and varying acoustic canal is calculated by using the Finite Element Method and equivalent electrical circuit analysis of the acousto-mechanical system."

  • Why is the adjustability stepless?

    "During Minuendo's extensive research the need to finely adjust the attenuation of each ear became apparent. There were also musicians in the orchestras that had multiple sets of custom moulds with different attenuation that they used dynamically throughout pieces (although very impractical and expensive). The user research supported that there was a definite need for transparent and steplessly adjustable earplugs."

  • I already have in-ear monitors, why would I need Minuendo?

    "Even musicians in amplified music genres that are used to IEM’s when performing concerts, have a need for better earplugs in practice settings and smaller gigs where in-ear monitors are impractical. And they probably attend concerts once in a while too?"

  • What is the experience of the “open” (-7dB) setting like?

    "It almost feels like your wearing nothing, since the sound is so natural. You can hear everything, just slighly quieter. In our user research, it became obvious that many were struggling to find earplugs that were open and transparent enough. The most open (least attenuating) filters for custom molded earplugs are rated at 9 dB attenuation, but when we measure them in our lab they are closer to 15dB. The difference to Minuendo earplugs in the same measurement setup (7dB) is significant. For reference, 10dB attenuation is perceived as half as loud."

  • What do you mean by "lossless" earplugs?

    "Minuendo coined and love the term lossless earplugs, since it refers to:

    • Lossless sound quality – transparent, open, natural, flat frequency response
    • Lossless, as you won’t lose your hearing
    • Lossless, as with the magnet and leash, they are hard to lose compared to other earplugs"

  • Do they require batteries or other electronics?

    No, they are completely passive.

  • Do they play music, like earphones or earbuds do?

    No, they are completely passive.

  • Can I wear Minuendo under earmuffs or earphones?

    "Yes! The earplugs are quite petite, so will fit under for most people. This is useful when:

    • in a studio setting when playing with a loud click or general monitoring
    • under headphones when DJ’ing
    • in construction, where there might be a need for double protection or taking one earmuff off for communication."

  • How do I choose the correct ear tip?

    "A triple flanged silicone ear tip pressed far into the ear canal usually provides the tightest seal for most people. This gives the best frequency response. However, some may find that foam ear tips are more stable and comfortable, and therefore allow them to wear the earplugs for longer periods of time. The user may choose to accept a slightly less ideal seal for the sake of comfort, and this will typically increase the bass levels slightly through the earplugs."

  • How long will ear tips last?

    "Ear tips can last for weeks, months or even years, depending on amount of use, cleaning and individual factors like earwax, sweat etc."

  • Where can I use Minuendo earplugs?

    "Minuendo can be used:

    • Music practice, gigs or live events
    • MC & motor sports
    • Aeroplane and travel
    • Sleep
    • Construction and working heavy machinery (although always make sure the attenutation is set to the appropriate level.)
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • How long will the warranty last and what does it cover?

    "Your warranty will have a one-year validity period on the earplugs. All you have to do is ship the broken item back to us, and we'll replace it for you! Your warranty will cover manufacturing defects that affect the functionality of the earplugs. It does not cover accidental damage."

  • Are Minuendo earplugs water resistant?

    "Yes, Minuendo earplugs are water resistant and designed to be worn for extended periods inside your ear. However, do not submerge them in water, e.g. by swimming, as this will cause permanent damage."

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