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Our Artists

  • Peter Erskine

    Peter Erskine, Jazz Drummer, Professor at USC Thornton School of Music

  • Jordan Rudess

    Jordan Rudess, The Legendary Pianist from Dream Theater

  • John “JR” Robinson

    John “JR” Robinson, The Most Recorded Drummer in History

  • Pascal Guyon

    Pascal Guyon, Multi Grammy Nominated & Multi Platinum Producer

  • Anna Sentina

    Anna Sentina, Professional Bassist and YouTuber

  • Robert Bubby Lewis

    Robert Bubby Lewis, Bassist for Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, Lupe Fiasco, Stevie Wonder and more

  • Luke Holland

    Luke Holland, Professional Drummer and Youtuber

  • Noturnall

    Noturnall, Heavy Metal Band

  • Malta

    Malta, Rock Band

  • Lino Park

    Lino Park, Lino the Genius, drummer & sound designer

  • Robert Sarzo

    Robert Sarzo, Founding Member of Hurricane

  • Philipp Zinnbauer

    Philipp Zinnbauer, Drummer & Producer, CEO of Drumscripts

  • Eugene Tsai

    Eugene Tsai, Producer

  • Ramon Tessmann

    Ramon Tessmann, Pianist, Music Teacher, Founder of Aprenda Piano

  • Jayen Varma

    Jayen Varma, Bassist

  • Letizia Dispare

    Letizia Dispare, Singer-Songwriter, Actress

  • Brev Sullivan

    Brev Sullivan, Professional Guitarist, Rock of Ages

  • Larry “LD” Darrell

    Larry “LD” Darrell, Drummer, Music Director

  • Renato Martins

    Renato Martins, Master percussionist, educator and former Cirque du Soleil artist

  • Ryusei Artist

    RYUSEI, Soloist Bassist

  • Federico Cartello

    Federico Cartello, Guitarist

  • Marco Sfogli

    Marco Sfogli, Guitarist, songwriter, arranger and session player

  • Tommaso Lotti

    Tommaso Lotti, Fingerstyle Guitarist

  • Echa Soemantri

    Echa Soemantri, Drummer, Music Arranger

  • Shammi Pithia

    Shammi Pithia, Composer / Producer

  • Carl Cherry II

    Carl Cherry II, Multi Instrumentalist, Educator, Producer, Arranger, Composer

  • Michael Kobrin

    Michael Kobrin, Singwriter & Percussive guitar

  • Riccardo Curti

    Riccardo Curti, Drummer/Composer/Arranger For Metal Band ArseA

  • Tin Švegović

    Tin Švegović, Professional guitarist and composer

  • Andre Dinuth

    Andre Dinuth, Solo Artist, Session Player

  • Nathania Jualim

    Nathania Jualim, Guitarist / Singer

  • Vahagn Stepanyan

    Vahagn Stepanyan, Keyboard player, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger and Producer

  • Alen Konakoğlu

    Alen Konakoğlu, Recording Engineer, Mixer and Drummer

  • Chastity Ashley

    Chastity Ashley, Percussionist for Duran Duran

  • Israel Bento

    Israel Bento, Musician / Drummer / Educator / Songwriter

  • Brian Karl

    Brian Karl, Professional Drummer for Station, D.M.K

  • Becky Baldwin

    Becky Baldwin, Professional Bassist for IDestroy and DORJA

  • Amber Russell

    Amber Russell, Solo Fingerstyle Guitarist

  • Lewis Jenkins

    Lewis Jenkins, Professional Drummer

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