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5 Practice Tips for Musicians

December 23rd, 2019

We’ve put together these five tips to help you with your practice.


We’ve compiled practice tips for musicians that will help you improve your music playing slowly but surely.

1. Begin with an end in mind

Before you start your daily practice, decide what you would like to achieve. Be intentional about your progress by making notes on your sheet music. Keep track of the crescendos, decrescendos, complicated harmonies, and surprise minor chords to avoid making the same mistakes in your next practice session.

Keep track of your progress by creating a schedule. You can turn it into a habit by practicing at the same time of the day. Running through your scales for 10 minutes every day before you go to bed can make a lot of difference.

2. Know your gear

It is essential to have a deep understanding of your equipment. Without knowing your equipment’s capability, you may be missing out on a wide range of tonal possibilities. For example, learning to fine-tune the settings on your amp or pedalboard can make a massive difference to your overall sound. There are tons of resources online, such as YouTube videos, which share great insight into musical instruments and tools. You never know, you might discover something new about your gear.

3. Be patient, once you got it record yourself

When you start learning new riffs, it can be frustrating the first few tries. But you have to be patient with yourself. You’ll find that with every repetition your muscle memory will eventually do it for you. The strength of a memory is related to how many times the original stimulus has been experienced.” from the book This is your Brain on Music.

Once you’ve nailed the piece for that music session, record yourself. You can listen back and analyze your practice during the times you are doing other things. Compare it to what you want to achieve, so you’ll have a new benchmark for your next practice session.

4. Organize a jam session

If you are playing with a band, make sure to decide your parts beforehand. Clear off which solos, riffs, and harmonies or parts that you’ll be performing.

Playing in a group can help you improve your timing and improvisational skills. Unlike playing solo, you need to sync with other players who require higher technical skills and a good sense of rhythm. You can also be exposed to new ideas and styles, and receive honest feedback about your playing.

5. Last but not least, have fun!

Making your daily practice sessions lively and fun is essential. Learn your favorite songs and work on new pieces of music to keep you feeling fresh and motivated. The worst thing that can happen is if you start to hate your daily practices, and it becomes a chore rather than something you enjoy.

Is there a way to make music practice enjoyable?

Over 1 billion people have tried learning an instrument and failed. More than 90% of people who start playing music give up in less than a year. The key to success lies in finding the motivation to practice.

At Soundbrenner, we’re looking to solve the problem by combining hardware and software into integrated solutions that offer a beautiful user experience. We create a music practice experience that is fun and rewarding, allowing anyone to learn and master any instrument. Musicians shouldn’t be suffering from their daily practices. When you have fun, you can improve quickly!


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Soundbrenner Core is revolutionizing the way musicians practice and play their instruments. While other companies use old tools, we create an integrated platform consisting of wearable technology and mobile apps. Our companion mobile app, The Metronome app by Soundbrenner, enables powerful customisation with the Soundbrenner Core.

As a company founded by musicians, every detail has been thoughtfully considered for your use and routine, from the interface, the control wheel, and its intuitive buttons. Soundbrenner Core is the timepiece designed for musicians by musicians.

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The Soundbrenner Core carries all your essential music tools in one powerful watch. Access the Vibrating Metronome, Contact Chromatic Tuner, Decibel (dB) Meter and Watch all from the ease of your wrist. It will have you covered for all situations, be it practice, performance or just everyday life. Finally. A watch made for musicians.


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Vibrating metronome: Feel the beat with vibrations. You can wear the Core wherever you prefer to feel the vibrations in the most precise way possible. You can also set your BPM, time signatures, subdivisions, accents and vibrations directly on the Core. Can you sync the rhythm with the band? Yes You Can! Connect up to 5+ devices via Bluetooth and play tighter together than ever before.

Chromatic contact tuner: With a simple twist, the Core transforms into a magnetic contact tuner, giving you the highest levels of accuracy even in the noisiest environments. Tune your instrument of choice* by attaching the Core either to our included tuner mount, or your instrument’s metal tuning pegs.

*tuner suitable for guitar, bass guitar (ukulele through a firmware update in Q1 2020)

dB meter & alarm: The Core’s dB Meter constantly monitors your surrounding sound levels and alerts you when you exceed potentially harmful dB thresholds.

Smartwatch: You can receive smartphone push notifications** directly on the Soundbrenner Core. You can also accept and decline calls** from your phone easily with the push of a button. Time, date, stopwatch, and timer functionalities included.

**Available in early 2020 through firmware update


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