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Shipping & Returns

Asia Pacific & Africa

Country Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee Tax Rate
Australia 4-7 Business Days $8.90
Bahrain 5-7 Business Days $29
China 5-7 Business Days $8.90
French Polynesia 5-7 Business Days $39
Guam 5-7 Business Days $14.90
Hong Kong 2-3 Business Days
Indonesia 5-7 Business Days $8.90
Israel 5-7 Business Days $29
Japan 4-7 Business Days $14.90
Malaysia 5-7 Business Days $8.90
Mauritius 5-7 Business Days $39
Morocco 5-7 Business Days $29
Namibia 5-7 Business Days $49 33%
Nepal 5-7 Business Days $14.90
New Caledonia 5-7 Business Days $8.90
New Zealand 4-7 Business Days $8.90
Nigeria 5-7 Business Days $29
Philippines 5-7 Business Days $8.90
Reunion 5-7 Business Days $39
Singapore 4-7 Business Days $8.90
South Korea 5-7 Business Days $8.90
South Africa 5-7 Business Days $29
Taiwan 5-7 Business Days $8.90
Thailand Shipping Disabled
Turkey 5-7 Business Days $29
United Arab Emirates 5-7 Business Days $29
Vietnam 5-7 Business Days $8.90

North America & Central America

Country Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee Tax Rate
Canada 4-7 Business Days $14.90 5% – 15%
Cuba 5-7 Business Days $14.90
Mexico 5-7 Business Days $8.90
United States 2-4 Business Days 5$>$14.90


Country Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee Tax Rate
Belgium 4-7 Business Days $8.90 21%
Denmark 4-7 Business Days $8.90 25%
Estonia 4-7 Business Days $8.90 23%
Faroe Islands Shipping Disabled
Finland 4-7 Business Days $8.90
France 4-7 Business Days $8.90 22%
Germany 3-5 Business Days $$8.90 22%
Greece 5-7 Business Days $30 26%
Iceland 5-7 Business Days $30
Ireland 3-5 Business Days $8.90
Italy 3-5 Business Days $8.90 25%
Luxembourg 3-5 Business Days $8.90 20%
Netherlands 3-5 Business Days $8.90 24%
Poland 3-5 Business Days $8.90 26%
Russia Shipping Disabled
Spain 3-5 Business Days $8.90 24%
Sweden 3-5 Business Days $8.90
Switzerland 3-5 Business Days $8.90
Turkey 5-7 Business Days $29
Ukraine 5-7 Business Days $30
United Kingdom 3-5 Business Days $8.90 23%

South America

Country Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee Tax Rate
Argentina 5-7 Business Days $39
Bolivia 5-7 Business Days $29
Brazil 5-7 Business Days $39 33%
Chile 5-7 Business Days $29
Colombia 5-7 Business Days $29
Martinique 5-7 Business Days $29
Peru 5-7 Business Days $29
Puerto Rico 5-7 Business Days $8.90
Uruguay 5-7 Business Days $29

Rest of the world

Country Estimated Delivery Shipping Fee Tax Rate
Rest of the world 5-7 Business Days $8.90
*Estimated delivery time starts from courier collection and excludes any customs processing time


When will I receive the tracking number?

When your order is dispatched, you’ll receive an email with tracking details.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, we’re a global company! Please refer to the above shipping table for more details.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

Our logistic partner requires a signature upon delivery so unfortunately they are unable to make deliveries to P.O. boxes.

Can I return the product, if I am dissatisfied with it?

If you are unhappy with an item or you simply change your mind you can return it to us within 30 days of receipt. 

If you opened the packaging, please make sure to send us back all included items for example accessories, manuals and the packaging itself. You will have to pay for the return shipping back to our office in Hong Kong.

After we have inspected your returned item and can confirm it is eligible for a refund, we will send you the money directly to the payment account you used when placing the order with us

What if I receive a faulty product?

We have severe quality control measures in place to ensure our items arrive in good condition. 
Despite this, items can sometimes arrive with defects or it can happen that you receive items different from what you ordered due to a mistake on our part. 

In such cases we will send you a replacement free of charge, as long as your product is still within the 1 year warranty period.

My parcel has been lost, what should I do?

First, check with your concierge or reception in case the parcel has been delivered to them. Still no luck? Email customer service, [email protected] with your tracking number and order number and we’ll help you sort it out.

Do I have to pay taxes and duties?

Our products are shipped from Hong Kong and may be taxed when they cross the border to your country. To ensure our external courier services company can deliver your goods in the fastest possible time, they may pay the duties and taxes on your behalf. Hence additional handling charges may occur.
Countries in which all surcharges are already pre-paid on our website, so no further costs will occur to you other than what’s already paid on our website:

United States
United Kingdom

Countries in which the above described surcharges may occur: Rest of the World

If you have any questions regarding shipping or taxes, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we are here to help you!

Shipping & Warranty

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