Senior Embedded Systems Engineer - Soundbrenner

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Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

Location: Berlin
Compensation: Monthly Salary & Employee Stock Options

About Soundbrenner

Soundbrenner builds the world’s first wearable smart device for musicians. It’s the metronome of the 21st century. Wearable, smart and powered by vibrations. Soundbrenner combines hardware products with mobile and desktop apps into a holistic solution that empowers musicians to achieve true mastery of rhythm.

We’re headquartered in Hong Kong and operate an additional office in Berlin. We currently employ a full-time staff of 20. To date we sold and shipped over 30,000 wearables. Our apps are used by over 100,000 musicians every month. We’ve raised over $2 million USD in funding from investors. We were featured in the New York Times, Techcrunch, Gizmodo and around a dozen of other international press outlets. While we are proud of the progress we made so far, we still consider ourselves to be at the very beginning of what is to come.

Job Summary

This is a unique opportunity for a highly capable and motivated individual. As senior embedded systems engineer at Soundbrenner, you’ll be in charge of electrical engineering and firmware development of a next generation wearable device. It will be your responsibility to oversee the development of this new product and bring it to life, from prototyping stage into mass manufacturing of tens of thousands of units.

What you'll do:

  • Develop early-stage prototyping PCBs to validate concept decision
  • Collaborate hand in hand with mechanical designers, industrial designers and our mobile and desktop app team to turn your prototypes into a world class, integrated product for our customers
  • Develop embedded firmware with unit and functional testing under consideration of efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources.
  • Solve interesting, challenging problems such as latency-sensitive network synchronization algorithms
  • Work with our production manager and contract factory to bring our product to mass manufacturing

What We're Looking for:

  • At least 3 years of experience developing embedded systems
  • Proficiency with EDA tools (e.g. Altium and KiCad)
  • Excellent knowledge of embedded C & UNIX/Linux
  • You keep yourself up to date about modern coding style and dev tools such as subversioning systems (git) and modern debugging techniques
  • Tidy. You code concise, think ahead, document your work properly and apply coding design patterns.
  • You need to care deeply about doing great work. You need to derive your satisfaction not from praise, but from being proud of what you accomplished yourself. Work needs to play a major part in your life and your priorities. As member of Soundbrenner you are building a company from the ground up. That means your life right now needs to be all about growing, learning and building and you need to be very excited about the idea of that.
  • You need to be able to think outcome oriented. You always need to understand why you are ultimately doing something and constantly ask yourself if what you are currently doing is the best way to achieve it.
  • You should be very comfortable being uncomfortable. Challenges and problems don’t scare you. If you are surrounded by problems you don’t focus on what’s wrong but on how you can solve it.
  • You are capable of understanding and designing electronic circuitry for prototyping, including the creation of concise schematics, PCBA routing, and testing electronic systems.
  • Bonus: Especially profound knowledge of capacitive touch systems, display technology, haptic actuators, and Bluetooth communication. Experience working with Chinese factories and vendors. Passion for music and music technology.

What it's like working at Soundbrenner:

  • You will work with very talented people in an intense work environment. As a result you will experience one of the steepest possible learning curves and have the chance to grow in rapid speed together with the company. It will be quite fast paced and a hell a lot of fun.
  • If you are like us you have a passion for great design, technology and hardware. At Soundbrenner you get the chance to make this passion your job. Working for a hardware company you get to witness the miracles of making something out of nothing and holding your own product in your hand. What could be more exciting?
  • At Soundbrenner we value justice and we value fairness. If you are capable of adding a lot of value to the company, you will be compensated accordingly. That’s why we are more than happy to offer you company equity as part of your pay. All you need to worry about is doing what you love to do: A great job.
  • The work we do at Soundbrenner has the potential to touch the life of every single musician on the planet. If we are successful your work may influence an entire industry for the better. We love music and working on something that matters inspires us to give our best every single day.
You understand that your ideas have the potential to change the world? You don’t just dream to get something done - you are willing to take the first steps with all its consequences? Then you might fit right in. Please send your application to [email protected].

Florian Simmendinger
CEO & Co-Founder at Soundbrenner Limited

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