New Firmware - Major Android Updates and more! - 2018 April - The Metronome Update - Soundbrenner

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New Firmware – Major Android Updates and more! – 2018 April – The Metronome Update

April 12th, 2018

We’ve been working hard on improving your experience with both The Metronome and the Soundbrenner Pulse!

With both firmware and app updates, this month is jam-packed with changes that will upgrade your experience!

This month we’re releasing the firmware version 1.1.2 which will provide greater stability to your Soundbrenner Pulse so please update your firmware! If you don’t know how to update, please follow this guide.

This firmware update fixes a bug where the Soundbrenner Pulse crashes with a white light and becomes unresponsive. It also provides better stability to the Soundbrenner Pulse as a standalone metronome and improves the battery behavior and battery life.

Our iOS developers have been busy working on some amazing features to come so this month we have general bug fixes improving the stability of the app.

We’ve released some new features on Android, allowing you to add songs with decimal place BPMs to your setlists and song library. We’ve also fixed some major bugs and improved the whole user experience.

We strive to make The Metronome app the best it can be. If you have a spare minute, please leave a review for our app. It’s a huge help! Thank you.


Firmware 1.2.0

The bug where the metronome crashes and is stuck with a white light has been fixed

Improved stability in the standalone metronome

Improved battery behavior and lifespan

Need help updating?

iOS 1.13


Major and minor bug fixes and improving the general stability of the app

Download iOS 1.13

Android 1.11


The Metronome will pause during a phone call and play when the call ends.

Save songs with decimal BPMs in the song library

In-app prompt to ignore the battery optimizations on Android 6.0+ by default


The Soundbrenner Pulse will now play if you connect it to an ongoing app

Stability of the time signature and subdivision selection menus.

The keyboard in the login screen will automatically open and close

The Soundbrenner Pulse and App will now power off after 40 minutes of background activity instead of 20.

Manual time signature changes now smoother


Removed bugs that caused crashes

Soundbrenner Pulse settings will be retained after disconnection if the setting is active in Device Settings

Enabling count-in enables app sounds

Update to Android 1.11 


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