education Robert "Bubby" Lewis || motivation and being true to music

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Robert “Bubby” Lewis || motivation and being true to music

February 27th, 2020

Bubby Lewis

With his down to earth and bubbly personality, the legendary “Bubby” Lewis has worked with prominent artists such as Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco and Stevie Wonder. Churning magic on his fingerboard and producing a soulful rhythm tells us that he’s got years in the bag.

Bubby Lewis is not only a bassist in soul and R&B but also a composer and a producer. He began playing at his church at age 14 growing up with gospel music. We asked him a few things about music, how he stays motivated and his advice to musicians.



How do you stay motivated?

It’s easy for me. If you just take the time to venture off the things that you are used to as far as music goes. For one, I grew up in church, I’m still a church boy and obviously listened to a lot of gospel. But I also listened to J-pop. I listen to K-pop. I listen to Indian music, Arabic music, and Mongolian music.
Do things outside of your comfort zone. If you do that, something is going to spark you and be inspired by something that you’ve never heard of before.
Also, I keep doing things that make me excited about making music. I like to spend time with my daughter and my wife. I like going to Disneyland, traveling and video games. I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan. Anything with Mario and Pokemon and Final Fantasy and Hogwarts.

Bubby Lewis

What advice would you give to people who are just starting?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are and have your mind. Because of social media and the desire for fame, people tend to follow trends.

For me, the way I look at it is you see people from around the world. You’ve got millions, billions of people in the world.

You have the room to be who you are, you have the room to play the type of music you want to play, be the artist that you want to be. Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

The guy that I am today a lot of people, 15-20 years ago would have said ‘that guy is a nerd’, but now it’s cool to be a nerd.

Start being you from the beginning. In the end, once you get down the line and you’ve been pretending to be somebody else and you have to figure out how to wane your true personalities heart and soul.



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