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Music Education with Soundbrenner Pulse: Alternative to a Traditional Metronome

September 12th, 2019

Alternative to a traditional Metronome
“Our senses are often overwhelmed, especially beginner cellist. Dividing attention and focus as our arms move in two opposite directions – one horizontally and the other vertically. With stringed instruments it’s even more crucial to listen to our intonation, that at times is almost impossible to maintain the audio focus on traditional ticking metronome.” – Journey Choi, Cello Teacher from Texas

In the last few weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of reviews of the Soundbrenner Pulse by professionals in the music education industry. The insight above is just the gist of how much Soundbrenner Pulse can impact a musician’s rhythm and improve their music.

This week we’d like to share our interview with Journey Choi, a professional cellist and music instructor from Plano, Texas. She gives an honest review of the Soundbrenner Pulse and highlights the difference between using a conventional metronome and this brand new metronome alternative.

My name is Journey Choi. I have my own cello studio and I also teach at Plano Independent School District in Texas. Most of the time I teach 1-on-1 cello lessons and on special occasions I teach group lessons too. My students are from 9 to 17 years old, from pre-k to final year in high school.

I normally teach with a metronome. I think it’s important to implement a steady pulse and eliminate rushing. One of the biggest struggles that my students face is how they anticipate their focus on the rhythm. Especially with beginners, they have a hard time staying aligned with a conventional metronome. With a metronome alternative, Soundbrenner Pulse, I knew that I would be able to fix and redirect these students.

I had my students wear it on their ankle or wrist. I taught them to anticipate the subdivisions of the beat and count-sing before adding the bow on the instrument. The students who had challenges with listening to the metronome had great results feeling the vibration.

Almost all of them found the device fascinating and helpful.

Traditional metronomes can be tough to listen to when playing above dynamics louder than “piano”. Our senses can be overwhelmed especially for beginner cellists, when both arms move in two opposite directions – one horizontally and the other vertically. With stringed instruments it’s even more crucial to listen to our intonation, that at times makes it almost impossible to maintain our focus on the audio ticking of a traditional metronome.

The frequency and the habit of using Soundbrenner’s metronome build better rhythmic discipline.



The Pros of using the Soundbrenner Pulse


It’s easier to follow than a typical metronome

For those who find it hard to keep up and maintain the tempo with a conventional metronome, you will find the Soundbrenner Pulse much easier to follow. You don’t have to gauge where you are in place of the beat. You’d be able to feel it on your wrist or your arm. I do recommend trying it out on your ankle.

It’s very handy.

Second reason why I would recommend Soundbrenner Pulse, is because it’s very portable. I’m used to carrying a chunky big metronome whereas the Soundbrenner Pulse is much easier to carry around.

You can tap in your beat.

No need to sync it up on your phone. Since it has a haptic response feedback, you can tap in the beat from your memory and feel it vibrating right away anytime and anywhere.

Sync it up with 5 other people.

If you are in an ensemble and you want to make sure that everyone is in sync, Soundbrenner Pulse is the way to go. You can keep your group’s rhythm and timing together in a discreet way.

A few of the cons


Tempo can only be seen on the app.

You can’t see the tempo on the watch because there is no screen on it. You can see it on your phone or you can wait for Soundbrenner’s newest device called the Soundbrenner Core which is a musician’s watch with all the features of Soundbrenner Pulse and more.

It might be pricey for some.

People might wonder if they should be spending that much money on a metronome. If tempo is important for you, I think it’s worth it. I do have a free shipping code “EDUJOURNEY” so you can try it out without worrying about the extra cost.
Overall, it is a great option if you are having trouble keeping up with conventional metronome during your practice. My biggest problem with conventional metronomes is either you can’t hear them over your own sound projection and you always have to put too much focus on trying to find them. I love Soundbrenner Pulse because I don’t have to bother anyone with the loud ticks and bell.

I personally think that it is a great investment for anyone who would like to purchase it. Soundbrenner Pulse has taught me to be a teacher who is ahead and always searching for new technology to share amongst my students and colleagues.


Designed to help make music-learning easier, Soundbrenner Pulse helps students and aspiring musicians to stay focused on what truly matters: their music. Interested in integrating the Soundbrenner Pulse into your classroom? Click
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Got a question about the Soundbrenner  Pulse? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!