We’re not just launching one device. We’re launching two. - Soundbrenner

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We’re not just launching one device. We’re launching two.

September 18th, 2018

The Soundbrenner Core, the 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool, brings you all your essential music tools in a premium wearable. The Soundbrenner Core features a watch and your most frequently used music tools; a Vibrating Metronome, a Magnetic Twist Tuner, and a Sound Meter making it the most versatile music tool out there.

Meet the Soundbrenner Core Steel. Our most premium device yet.

At Soundbrenner, there is no such thing as a “compromise”, we never settle for anything less than great. We set a vision and go for it with unstoppable belief. Precision, care, and focus are key. This is why we’re launching a second model in the Soundbrenner Core series, we not only wanted to give you greatness through the Soundbrenner Core, we wanted to give you something beyond that. The Soundbrenner Core Steel.  

The Core Steel is made for you who wants that something special, the tool that goes beyond great. The Core Steel comes in a brushed black stainless steel body, the material favored by legendary watchmakers, its feel will be substantial. Both models of the Core series features the innovative Dual OLED screens that are made from scratch and shatter resistant mineral glass.

The Soundbrenner Core Steel comes with two watch straps, the sweat-proof hypoallergenic silicone, and the premium Italian leather straps. All our straps can be easily interchanged, allowing you to customize your style for all occasions.

The Core Steel will also include our Body Strap which gives you the freedom to wear the device in the position that works best for you. This allows you to feel the metronomes’ vibrations with greater strength and precision.  

A full new line-up of accessories


On top of this, today we’re revealing a full lineup of accessories to give you the option to make the Soundbrenner Core your own. Choose from the included black silicone strap to the multicolored woven nylon straps or the premium Italian leather straps. It’s up to you!

So, the secret’s out. We’re bringing you greatness in two premium versions; one made of high-quality polycarbonate and aluminum, and one in the material most favored by traditional watchmakers: stainless steel and leather.

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