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Enjoy your music with a peace of mind.

September 21st, 2018

The Soundbrenner Core, the 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool, brings you all your essential music tools in a premium wearable. The Soundbrenner Core features a Vibrating Metronome, a Magnetic Twist Tuner, a Decibel Meter, and a Watch, making it the most versatile music tool out there.



As a musician your most important tool is your ears, so your number one priority should be to keep them safe at all cost. Many musicians come in contact with loud environments that are potentially damaging to their hearing, increasing the likelihood of lifelong hearing damage. Research suggests that musicians are four times more likely to suffer from hearing damage*.

Since we launched our first product, the Soundbrenner Pulse, we’ve come in contact with many musicians who have told us their stories how their use of a metronome has been impossible due to tinnitus. However, through our silent and vibrating metronome, the Soundbrenner Pulse, their music practice has been able to come back to life. This small piece of anecdotal evidence shows what innovative products can do to the music space.     



It’s based on these findings that we decided to do our part as innovators to help minimize the risk of hearing loss that musicians are exposed to. We want musicians to be able to enjoy music, to do it responsibly and knowingly about their surroundings. That’s why we decided to introduce and include a decibel meter in our latest premium wearables – The Soundbrenner Core.

The Core will stay vigilant and listen for you, adding an extra layer of defense in making sure that you can enjoy music forever. The Core regularly checks in to make sure that the sound levels around you aren’t damaging your hearing, either through prolonged exposure or by just being too loud. Whether you’re at a gig or at a concert, the Core will warn you when you’ve reached your limit, creating awareness and allowing you to take action. The Core will give you a peace of mind so you can be worry-free and focus on your music.

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*Help Musicians UK, 2015, https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/news/latest-news/musicians-are-four-times-more-likely-to-suffer-hearing-damag


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