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Left Hand Drumming Pad Exercise

September 3rd, 2019

If you would like to increase the speed of your secondary hand when drumming, we’ve got a great exercise that will help you do that.

This quick exercise will train your weaker hand, enabling it to become more independent. This will allow you to play both faster and more evenly by reducing the imbalance of strength between your two hands.



To begin, take out your Soundbrenner Pulse or The Metronome App and tap a slower bpm of 60.

Minor Pentatonic Scale 1

The exercise starts off with alternating bars of right and left hand strokes, where the left hand has to work twice as hard by playing eighth notes instead of quarter notes.

Minor Pentatonic Scale 2

We then transition into a variation of the double stroke roll where the right hand only plays the first two eighth notes, allowing the left hand to take over for the rest.

Again, this makes the left hand work harder, building strength and endurance. Finally, remove the right hand entirely, playing eighth notes with just the left hand.


Combine these patterns at different tempos until you reach the desired level of speed.

Minor Pentatonic Scale 2

Practice this slowly and then gradually increase the speed until you can play it quickly. Monitor your tempo by using the Soundbrenner Pulse and The Metronome App. This will help you transition easily between the different pentatonic shapes.

Head to this page to find out more ways to make the most of your practice routine with the Soundbrenner Pulse.



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