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The Soundbrenner Core, the 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool, combines all your essential music tools into a premium watch, that you can bring with you anywhere.

4 Tools | 12+ Functions

Vibrating metronome

Magnetic twist tuner

Decibel meter



Vibrating Metronome

Hone your rhythm without ever needing to listen to an audible click. The Core keeps you in time by pulsing the beat directly onto your body, with vibrations 7x stronger than the average smartwatch.

All Environmental Tuning

Tune your guitar, bass, ukulele or violin with maximum accuracy, even when you’re at a gig, backstage or studio. The magnetic twist tuner attaches to your instrument and tunes using micro-vibrations from your strings.

Decibel Meter

Safeguard your most important tool; your ears. Check your dB levels and be aware of how loud your surroundings are. Set your own decibel threshold and the Core will alert you when it’s getting too loud, letting you take action to prevent any damage.

Time & Date Display

A music tool that actually tells you the time. With our built-in time display and alarm, you’ll never be late for your most important rehearsals and performances.

Connect the Band

Sync multiple Soundbrenner devices together and have your band play tighter and sound better.

Visual Tuner

Tune with a simple glance with the Core’s 8 section LED pitch indicators that guide you to the right key.

Setlist Management

Create, store, and organize all your songs and setlist in our library and have every piece of music with you anytime and anywhere.

Push Notifications

Stay connected with your daily life and get your messages, alarms, and notifications directly on your wrist.

Rhythm Coach

Practice your rhythm while commuting to work or waiting in line for the doctor. No matter where you are, you can easily access and practice with rhythm exercises on the go.

Tap Tempo

Tap your own BPM directly onto the Core with our built-in capacitive touch sensor, accurately capturing your desired tempo.

DAW Integration

Connect the Soundbrenner Core to your DAW and play along with your backing tracks in perfect synchronization.

MIDI Controller

From BPM changes to reverb and more, you can map the buttons, wheel and capacitive taps of the Core to any action in the DAW, controlling your project right from your wrist.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Kickstarter and how does it work?
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects and innovations in tech and design before they go mainstream. You can back a project to help companies bring their product to market and also be one of the first to receive it. In our case, you will be able to pre-order the Soundbrenner Core at an early bird discount before anyone else.
When will it be on Kickstarter?
Our Kickstarter campaign will go live on Tuesday, October 2nd, 9 a.m EST (13:00 GMT). Add it to your calendar!
How will I know when it goes live?
We will notify you via email and the Facebook Group when we go live.
Will everyone be able to avail the early bird discounts?
There will be a limited number of early bird discounts and it will be first come first serve. If you have joined our Facebook Group and subscribed to our email list, you will be the first to know when our page will go live.
What are Kickstarter Rewards?
When you back a Kickstarter project you are NOT really making a donation. When you "back" or financially support a Kickstarter project, you receive “Rewards” as value for your support. In our case, you will able to pre-order the product at a super awesome early bird discount.
What are pledges? Are there any risks?
When you back a Kickstarter project, it is considered a "pledge" and no money is charged to your card. You can increase, decrease or change your pledge at any point. There is zero risk, and you will be refunded your pledge if the campaign is unable to reach its goal.
What is the difference between the Pulse and Core?
The Core has several new features added to boost musicians' productivity. In addition to the smart vibrating metronome, our engineers also added an advanced magnetic contact tuner, decibel meter, and watch functionalities into an even smaller body. In addition to this, the Core will feature a display face that allows users to use the device independently from the app.
Will it be able to track my steps, heart rate, etc...?
No. The Core does not contain a heart rate monitor or GPS, thus we cannot track your fitness activities. We are committed to create and produce the best tools for musicians and have focused our efforts in creating the most accurate music tools possible.
When will the first batch of pre-orders be shipped?
We'll be shipping in March 2019, however we have a lot of positive indicators that we'll be able to beat that, so possibly even sooner.
Will you have worldwide shipping?
Yes, we will be providing worldwide shipping, so make sure to pre-order yours when we go live on October 2nd!

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