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Why Should You Use a Vibrating Metronome?

The Revolution of the Metronome

We’ve committed ourselves to bringing a new way of thinking to the way rhythm has been practiced for centuries and wanted to create a tool for musicians that addresses the very issues traditional metronomes presents.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is designed to eliminate the distractions from the intrusive click that came with perfecting your inner tempo and allow you to really focus on your music. By freeing your ears and let you listen to the music, we’ve brought the rhythm and pulse closer to the body, making it more comfortable and natural to feel the beat and swing to the music instead of chasing the click.

Freeing Your Ears from the Click

The traditional click of a metronome is not only annoying, but also intrusive and damaging to one’s hearing. A number of aspiring musicians get frustrated over the constant click of the metronome whilst starting out and lose the motivation to do metronome practice.

Feel every beat -
Precise and Accurate with Strong Vibrations

We tried to build an app for existing smart-watches, however we found that the vibrations produced by existing devices were much too weak, and could not be felt whilst playing.

When we set out to build the Soundbrenner Pulse, we wanted to create a device that could produce vibrations that were strong enough to be felt, but was non-intrusive and would not interfere with a musician’s ability to play.

The Soundbrenner Pulse has a 7G ERM motor that produces vibrations that are 7 times stronger than the average smart-watch. With our advanced haptic driver, you can feel the beat more precisely, enhancing your sense of rhythm.

Customers Love It!

“The Soundbrenner Pulse has improved my time building aspects tremendously. This device has not only brought a new style of time to my practicing, the way I felt the BPM changed, the way I approached songs changed, even the grooves changed”
“I have more rhythmically progressed with the Soundbrenner Pulse than with all the other metronomes that I’ve worked with before. The vibration suits me perfectly and frees my hearing. For me it made a difference in my music”
“It’s a completely unique way to practice. I’m a professional pianist and after 30 years of the traditional metronome, this device really changed the way I practiced”

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