education Guitar for beginners: Creating The Best Practice Habits

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Guitar for beginners: Creating the best practice habit

September 6th, 2019

Meet Momo from Team Soundbrenner. She’s always wanted to learn to play the guitar and last month she finally did it! Follow her journey as she shares her insight and experience from the 30 days of practice.

Momo’s appreciation for folk-rock, along with her love for the warm and comfy sound of acoustic, motivated her to learn acoustic guitar. She chose a classic song “Stand by me” by Ben E. King and gave herself a span of one month to learn it. She documented her journey each day. Watch her final progress video on Instagram and Youtube.

From changing chords C to D quickly, synchronizing melody with the song and suffering from painful fingertips on the first week – she faced a lot of challenges with her progress, but with an effective practice habit you can overcome any frustration.


The first week was tough, so I didn’t enjoy it thoroughly. As soon as I mastered all chords, practice became more fun.

“Push yourself past the hardest stage which is always right at the beginning once you start enjoying it, progress becomes easy.”

Learning a new instrument helped me to become more confident. The feeling when you could play an entire song without a mistake is indescribable. It’s important to make practice a routine in the first week. After the first week, you will start liking the instrument more! Practice every day. Most importantly, enjoy your practice.


Momo’s Five tips for effective practice


1. Start slow.

I couldn’t play as much as I wanted which got frustrating. I tried to play fast even though I hadn’t mastered all chords. This was a huge mistake. I had to slow down my playing to learn all chords afterward.

2. Ask for advice.

I asked a friend for tips and watched YouTube lesson videos. All the advice I got helped me learn how to strum.

3. Practice every day.

Even with a tight schedule, find 30 minutes in your day to practice. Playing guitar every day enhances your progress.

4. Find the most comfortable way to play.

From holding your pick to using the right size of your guitar. When I found the comfortable way, it was a life-changing.

5. Use a metronome for practice.

Though I was listening to the song, there were a couple of times when I would play too fast or too slow. After wearing the Soundbrenner Pulse, I could keep a good tempo. A huge plus was being able to remove the sound of the click; this allowed me to focus on my music. Metronomes are an essential device for all musicians, especially beginners. With a metronome, you are able to keep a consistent tempo.



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