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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Musicians

December 6th, 2019

We’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for musicians! This list will help you find the best gifts for the special musicians in your life, whether they are looking to pursue a career in music or starting to learn an instrument.


Aeros Loop Studio by Singular Sound

For guitarist who love complicated arrangements, multiple harmonies, and just want to be able to record by themselves, a looper is your answer. The new Aeos Loop Studio from Singular Sound allows you to compose up to 36 individual loops per song. You can also mix your tracks in real time during live performances. Navigation is a breeze with the built-in footswitches and scroll wheel. If you’re looking for a looper that is small and exceptionally portable then the Aeros Loop Studio is for you!
Deal Price: $599*

Shure SE215

In-ear monitors can be really expensive, but one of the cheaper options is the Shure SE215. Shure has a reputation for delivering high quality sound, and this entry-level IEM is no exception. Besides the award-winning sound and long-lasting comfort, these earphones come in both wireless and wired versions with detachable cables and multiple color options.
Price: $79*

Roadie 2 tuner

The Roadie 2 is an automatic string tuner that is quick, easy to use, and three times more accurate than the human ear. Just like Soundbrenner’s Core, it uses vibrations to detect the pitch of your strings, which makes it able to tune in the noisiest environment.
The Roadie 2 is compatible with any stringed instrument with a guitar machine head including 6-7-12 string guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos and many more. When using Roadie Bass, its new and more powerful motor allows you to tune Bass guitars as well.

Price: $129*

Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

Getting into the creative music industry takes more than just talent. This book provides practical advice about launching a career in the music industry.
Price: $23.36*

Soundbrenner Core and Core Steel

You didn’t think we’d put in our own product did you? Well we absolutely believe that the Soundbrenner Core or Core Steel is the perfect gift for any musician as it combines four essential tools. Besides the vibrating metronome of its predecessor, we also added a contact tuner, decibel meter and a functionality of your everyday watch.
Pre-order price: Starts at $179*

Gift ideas for guitarists


Ernie Ball Paradigm Guitar Strings

Breaking a string during a performance or recording session can be disastrous. Ernie Ball’s Paradigm strings offer superior resistance, durability and tone that any guitarist can appreciate. Besides being virtually impossible to break, these strings feature patented Everlast nanotechnology that improves tone and decreases rust.
Price: $14.99*

PRS SE Custom 24

If you’re looking for a new electric guitar, look no further than the PRS SE Custom 24. The SE series from PRS offers outstanding quality at a wallet-friendly price. With a mahogany body, maple top and 2 humbucking pickups, the Custom 24 is a versatile instrument that can handle just about any genre of music.
Price: $789*

Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are an essential part of a guitarist’s toolkit. A good pick can have a subtle but immediately noticeable effect on speed and tone.
The Dunlop Jazz III is the pick of choice for many of the world’s most skilled guitarists, and for good reason. Its small size and unique shape allow you to achieve speeds not possible with other picks, while maintaining an elevated level of control and attack. At less than $5 for a 6-pack, these picks are a steal.
Price: $3.99*

Planet Waves CLassic Leather Guitar

Made from high-quality black leather. Its wide width provides maximum comfort for standing situations and adjustable from 44.5″ to 53″ long. Some straps have issues of releasing suddenly but this Classic Leather Guitar attaches snuggly to the strap button. It also comes in with 4 other colors. A great gift idea for any guitar player.
Price: $11.58*

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio

For guitarists looking to get into audio production and recording, the Scarlett Solo Studio from Focusrite is a great starting point. This bundle includes a basic Scarlett audio interface, a CM25 MkIII condenser mic HP60 MkIII mixing headphones and all the necessary cables you need to get up and running immediately.
Price: $219.99*

Gift ideas for drummers


Reflexx CP1 Conditioning Pad

The Reflexx CP1 is an innovative practice pad that uses a ¾” thickness to create a softer texture compared to standard practice pads. This allows it to remain relatively silent. It also features nontoxic materials that are 100% recyclable.
Price: $59.99*

Soundbrenner Pulse

Our first generation of vibrating metronome is perfect for long hours of playing. With a larger face, there’s a larger surface area for direct skin contact and will help you to feel better vibrations. Soundbrenner’s Pulse Straps are long-lasting and sweat-proof, perfect for extensive practice.
At a price of only $99, Soundbrenner Pulse can improve your precision with your rhythm and beat.

Price: $99*


Promark FireGrain Drumsticks

Promark’s FireGrain drumsticks use a special heat tempering process, making them significantly more durable than traditional sticks. This allows you to play with greater power without having to worry about your sticks breaking. These sticks are perfect for rock and metal drummers who want to play faster and longer.
Price: $12.99*

Command Mesh Electronic Drum Set

For those looking for an electronic kit for practice or home recording, the Command Mesh from Alesis is an affordable option that offers great features at an equally great price.
With a full set of tunable mesh drum heads, a variety of practice features such as a built-in metronome and recording abilities, and kick/hi hat pedals included in the box, the Command Mesh has everything you need to start drumming right away.

Price: $699*

Gift ideas for pianists


Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

If you’ve been looking for a MIDI keyboard controller, this one’s for you. You’ll be getting so much for your money’s worth with MPK Mini’s synth packages and pads that are perfect for live sets. Its compatibility with Windows and macOS, and all the DAWs you can think off, is unlike any other.
Price: $99*


This versatile amp can be used for both keyboards and acoustic guitar. It also has a channel with XLT input. Each channel has an effect level control. The onboard 24-bit digital FX processor has 100 amazing presets, adds a high-tech dash of reverb, chorus, flange, delay, pitch shift and other effects to your sound. The ULTRATONE K900FX specializes in clean, powerful sound.
Price: $299*

Stelle Hegen Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder

Finding a gift for another musician doesn’t always have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a music book clip and page holder. Made out of high-grade stainless steel, the Stelle & Hegen’s Music Book Clip won’t break or rust and gives a strong, reliable hold.
Price: $11.99*
*Prices updated on December 9, 2019.


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