education 5 Creative Ways to Use Your Soundbrenner Metronome

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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Soundbrenner Metronome

November 6th, 2019

Yes, Soundbrenner Metronome was made to elevate musicians’ rhythm experience, but this has not stopped our users from getting creative!
Check out all the bizzare ways that our customers use Soundbrenner metronomes.


1. Establish a rhythm for better putting

Two of our Soundbrenner Pulse users from a golf academy in Busan, Korea created a short video on how they use tempo for practice. There are two things that control putting speed and it includes stroke speed or tempo. A simple metronome like the Soundbrenner Pulse will help keep the beat.
Check out the video here.


2. Rocking the Row

Get the most out of your rowing workouts by setting your Soundbrenner Pulse or Core to 110 – 130 BPM. This BPM range is equivalent to 25-26 strokes per minute. Pace at no more than this BPM to train your endurance.


3. Increase Running Speed

Use the Pulse to pace your running cadence which is total number of steps you take per minute. Runners love the Pulse for its ability to give consistent tempo, long battery life and its durable straps.


4. Reduce Tremors

We developed a vibrating metronome that helps musicians play in the right tempo – but at the same time we discovered that this device is beneficial for Parkinson’s patients.

You can check out this video which was sent to us by Jax Hope Inc., a non-profit organization for Parkinson’s patients.

5. Ace your Ballroom Dance

“One of the toughest things to teach people is Rhythm. I am using your device on my students to help them train and stay on beat to the music while they are dancing.” – Artistic Ballroom Dance Studio


Do you know any other non-music
related use for the Soundbrenner Pulse?

Send us your story today at [email protected]

Got a question about the Soundbrenner Pulse or Soundbrenner Core? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!