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A closer look at the Soundbrenner Core and Pulse together

September 30th, 2018

Our big Kickstarter launch is right around the corner, we’re going live on Tuesday, October 2nd at 9 AM US (EST) time. Until then we’ll try to feed you as much information as we possibly can and today’s entry is about taking a look at our entire family of great wearables that can help you master your craft.

From left: Soundbrenner Core Steel, Soundbrenner Core, and the Soundbrenner Pulse.

Our two new products, The Soundbrenner Core and Soundbrenner Core Steel, will add an entirely new layer of functions in comparison to the Soundbrenner Pulse. The Core series will, like the Pulse, feature the world’s best smart vibrating metronome while adding even more tools, like the Magnetic Twist Tuner, a decibel meter and your everyday watch. Both the Core and Core Steel have a distinctive look but carry the identical set of tools and features. So no matter which one you go for, you’ll always be ready to make it count.

The Core is made from super durable polycarbonate and aluminum while the Core Steel is made from premium stainless steel. The two new wearables have decreased in size but still delivers the same, powerful vibrations that the Soundbrenner Pulse can deliver through its strong 7G ERM motor.

So, our family is complete. The Soundbrenner Pulse will continue to deliver on being the world’s best smart vibrating metronome while our new Core series will give musicians something totally new. We’ll continue to push the limits and make sure that you have the tools needed to get the job done and help you master your craft.

Want to learn more about the different tools? Click here to learn about the Vibrating Metronome, Magnetic Twist Tuner and Decibel Meter.



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