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Soundbrenner Spark: Inspiring the next generation of musicians

Bron, in Company news
Apr 21, 2021 | 3 min read

The Soundbrenner Spark is designed to inspire.

Parents and teachers often come to us, saying our devices would be perfect for their kids or students – the only issue: they don’t fit well.

We’re extremely proud of what the Soundbrenner Core has offered our community of over 140,000 musicians.

Over the years: a lack of ear fatigue; the ability to feel and internalize the beat; having a tuner, dB meter and smartphone functions all on your wrist; and above all, the opportunity to practice better.

As a company that sets out to empower musicians, we recognize the need to make these features accessible to more people – especially, the next generation of musicians. 

All this inspired the creation of Soundbrenner Spark – a lighter-weight, kid-sized version of the Soundbrenner Core, designed to inspire the young musician. 

What’s different?

Aside from its dedicated sky blue color, the Soundbrenner Spark has a shorter strap and a scaled-down body to better fit small wrists.

Unlike the Core where you can twist off the watch from its rig, the Spark is fixed to its rig. This way, there’s no chance of your child misplacing the watchface (or becoming distracted by this mechanism when bored in class – happens to all of us).  

If you’re familiar with the Core, you might ask, if I can’t twist off the watch from the rig, how do I use the contact tuner function? Well, you don’t. 

We realize young musicians start their music journey on instruments other than guitar and bass. So, we’ve designed the Spark with a microphone tuner that can work for any instrument. 

Otherwise, you’ve still got your vibrating metronome, interactive screen, dB meter, timer, stopwatch, alarm, and (optional) smartphone notifications – just like the Core! 

The Soundbrenner Spark remains a 4-in-1 tool with its
vibrating metronome, tuner, dB meter and smartphone notifications.

Why the Spark?

The concept of rhythm and timing is hard to grasp especially for young music learners. The metronome is a much-needed tool in developing this. Often it’s avoided because the repetitive click is so annoying (not just for the person practicing, but for everyone in the house). The silent beat of the Soundbrenner metronome solves that problem. 

What’s more, the physical vibrations provide another way to sense the beat. Young musicians often struggle with keeping an ear out for the metronome while listening to the sounds they’re producing. The added stimulus from a vibrating metronome helps them build multisensory pathways to really internalize the beat.

And while it’s obvious that music is an auditory experience, we often forget that playing an instrument is a physical one too. Encouraging a young learner to pay attention to the tactile sense within music makes it a much more holistic experience.

With an easy-to-use tuner, your child will develop good habits in tuning your instrument properly every time. The dB meter and alarm also teaches the importance of protecting your hearing from a young age.

And of course, as a sleek-looking watch, the Spark is an excellent alternative to – and upgrade from – your bulky traditional metronome and tuner. Wearing it all day long means you won’t ever forget to practice as well!

What’s more, while the Spark can be connected to your phone for notifications, you don’t need a smartphone to use the watch. With the Soundbrenner Spark, you can cast aside your concerns about screen time and parental controls, while giving your child access to the music tools they need.

The Spark will be available for crowdfunding in late 2021. You can sign up now to save a spot for our exclusive discount, as well as receive the latest product updates.

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. Click here to find out more about our products.

Got a question about the Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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