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Blog overview

Soundbrenner Plus is now available on Android!

Apple, in Product news
Jun 30, 2022 | 5 min read

Hey Android users, this is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

The Metronome by Soundbrenner app on Android has just been upgraded – big time! Soundbrenner Plus launched on iOS last year and we’re thankful to have received a lot of great feedback from our amazing community. Now Plus features are available to all our Android users as well. You can upgrade now, or if you’re new to Soundbrenner Plus, read on to find out what the hype’s all about.

Why launch a paid subscription service?

Our goal at Soundbrenner is to offer great quality tools that help make music practice easy and addictive.

What we don’t want is for our app to be intrusive to your practice experience – such as by crowding it with ads, or worse yet, selling your data. What we do want is to provide a completely secure, simple, and highly intuitive user-experience. And to continue building the best metronome app possible for musicians, we need your support.

Soundbrenner Plus provides us with a revenue stream to continue improving on this 7-year old app. With this revenue, we will be able to hire additional engineers to help us to unlock awesome new features, as well as improve on current ones.

Soundbrenner Plus Android

What are the new Plus features?

1. Cloud-synced library for metronome presets & setlists

A highly requested feature. With this upgrade, you’ll now be able to automatically sync all your songs and setlists to the cloud. This means they’ll always be safely backed up and you’ll never lose all those hours in creating your setlists.

2. Multi-device sync

Add new songs or setlists to one device and have it instantly sync on another. Perfect for users who want to be able to access their setlists on both their Android phone and tablet.

3. Soundbrenner Learn

Access our education section with Soundbrenner Instructor videos and articles. Learn from professional musicians as they take you through our comprehensive curriculum, and improve your rhythm in no time (pun intended). Learn about jazz drumming, funk guitar, polyrhythms and more!

4. Plus Deals

Exclusive offers from our music partner brands for Plus subscribers only. You can now enjoy exclusive perks on innovative music products, with new offers updated regularly!

Soundbrenner Plus Android

Try out Soundbrenner Plus for free before deciding whether to subscribe. All users can access a 14-day free trial, and Soundbrenner Pulse or Core owners get access to an extended 3-month free trial. You can cancel anytime if you decide it’s not for you.

On top of that, we are also offering a limited-time exclusive launch discount of 30% to our existing app users.

This is just the beginning of a long journey! We’re excited to continue working on improving our products for our users all around the world. Thank you for all your help and support along the way!

What would you like us to add to Soundbrenner Plus? Visit the Soundbrenner Suggestions page and let us know!


I already have more than 10 songs and 2 setlists – what’s going to happen?

The app will offer you a one-time gift to increase the base limit of free songs and setlists you can have. This means you will be able to continue to use all the songs and setlists you have today and play music with them. We also offer a limited launch discount of over 30% to make this transition easier.

What happens to my library if I cancel my subscription?

After you cancel your subscription, you will be able to keep all your songs and setlists and play music with them. However, you will not be able to edit or sync them, until you either re-subscribe or go below the limits of the free plan.

We want to publicly commit to always follow these subscription principles we’ve set ourselves:

  1. Our primary goal will always be to offer a great product that musicians love.
  2. We will never move essential features of our wearables behind the subscription, so that they remain independent, fully viable products
  3. We won’t make it hard to unsubscribe. You can always self-unsubscribe and will always be able to cancel renewal at any time with no commitment. 
  4. No hidden traps. We won’t design our offer with the goal to make money when you forget to cancel.
  5. If you forget to cancel, just email us immediately after the renewal and we’ll offer a refund if possible.
  6. We won’t build confusing UI so you subscribe by accident or with wrong ideas about pricing.
  7. We won’t kick you out of your plan. If we increase our pricing, as an existing subscriber, you will always be able to at least enjoy the features you have today at your current rate.
  8. We will never make selling your data to third parties our business model. Check out our privacy policy here.

Designed to help make music-learning easier, Soundbrenner Plus helps students and aspiring musicians to stay focused on what truly matters: their music. Interested in integrating the Soundbrenner Plus into your classroom?

Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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