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Blog overview

Introducing Soundbrenner Learn

Jules, in Music lessons
Jan 19, 2021 | 2 min read

Introducing Soundbrenner Learn. The ultimate video series for mastering rhythm and playing with rock-solid precision.

Taught by professional instructors from different musical backgrounds, learn about everything from odd meters to life-changing practice techniques. Play along and practice your precision with our rhythm exercises.

Now available on Soundbrenner Plus. Get the latest version of our Metronome App to start exploring. Currently available on iOS.

4 Different Areas

Fundamentals of Rhythm

Learn the theory and language around rhythm.

Learn the shared language and fundamental concepts around rhythm. Soundbrenner Instructor and drummer Nate Wong breaks down how rhythm is organized with these essential terms: Beat, Tempo, Measure, and Subdivision.

Musicality and Practice

Tips and perspective around best practices and how to develop your musicality and musicianship.

Soundbrenner Instructor and drummer Nate Wong shares a valuable tip to all musicians for more effective and efficient practice.

Nate is a versatile cross-over musician best known for his ability to fit seamlessly in many musical situations and feels equally at home performing in concert halls with Dock in Absolute, rock festivals with Nowhere Boys, arenas with Sammi Cheng or jazz clubs with Wong Way Down. Nate has performed in venues such as Wembley Arena, Graceland Theater, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Alpha Jazz Festival, GZ Opera House, HK Coliseum and many others.

Read Nate’s full spotlight article here.

Grooves of…

Jazz, rock, funk… You know how it sounds, but how is it played? We break down how the drums and bass – the rhythm section of the band – build the grooves of these genres.

Looking to get into jazz but don’t know where to start? Watch Nate and Jerold give an introduction to jazz music and break down the basic swing groove.

Rhythm exercise

Exercises to hone your subdivision timing of eighth notes, sixteenth notes and triplets – do them with a set of free hands or on your instrument. Fit for beginners, intermediate and advanced musicians.

Meet our instructors

Nate Wong
Drummer. Composer. Bandleader. Arranger.

Nate grew up in the US and graduated from Berklee College of Music. Today he tours internationally with a variety of bands.

Vita Starkin
Vocalist. Pianist. Organist.

Vita Starkin was born in London and trained in classical piano and church organ. Today Vita is an active performer in the local Jazz circuit and a singer & songwriter.

Jerold Chu
Keyboardist. Bassist. Producer. Composer.

Jerold graduated from University of Bristol with degrees in music & film composition. His adaptability, energy and love for different styles has allowed him to immerse himself in a variety of projects around the world.

Floro Sernande Jr.
Percussionist. Flutist. Bandleader.

A lifetime musician, Floro began studying music at the age of 6. He’s been a member of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, while also performing as a jazz artist in worldwide venues.

Find more bite-sized lessons like this one at Soundbrenner Plus. Our lessons cover anything to do with rhythm and timing – from guided rhythm exercises, to how to build a funk groove, to pro tips for developing your practice.

Currently available on iOS. Get the latest version of our Metronome App to start exploring.

Got a question about Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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