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Blog overview

Best metronome apps for iOS

Aug 03, 2022 | 5 min read

Being a great musician starts with having the perfect rhythm. To ensure that, you’ll need the right metronome. We’ve listed the best metronome apps for iOS users here to help you practice better.

Metronome by kewlsoftPro Metronome by EUM LabMetronome+Tempo
The Metronome App by Soundbrenner
Free✔(can only use for 90 seconds per day)
In-app purchasesComing soon
iOS version
Android version
DAW connectivity
Tap tempo
Ad-free✔(paid version only)
Customize Accents, time signatures  & Subdivisions ✔(pay to unlock more time signatures)
LED and Colors
No. of sound effects 31364(13 for paid version)21
Setlists✔ (paid version only)✔(paid version only)
Polyrhythm support✔ (paid version only)

1. The Metronome App by Soundbrenner

Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 1.1K | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free with in-app purchases

  • Most reviewed metronome app for iOS
  • Visual indication
  • iPhone LED flash / Screen Flash
  • 21 metronome sounds
  • Tap tempo
  • DAW connectivity
  • Setlist


Compared to other apps, all the features of the Metronome app is free! No distracting ads either.

I know you’d say it’s a bit cheeky to add our own app on this list. On the other hand, we really do believe that we’ve created the best free app and so do thousands of musicians who download it on a weekly basis. It is a hassle-free app tailored for musicians of all levels.

2. Prom Metronome by EUMLab – Xanin Technology GmBH

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 17K+ | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free with in-app purchases

  • 13 different time keeping styles including a counting voice
  • Real Time Playback technology for greater precision than a mechanical metronome
  • Customize beat sounds, accents etc
  • Tap tempo
  • Visual Pendulum

Pro version:

  • Access subdivisions and polyrhythm
  • Triplets, dotted notes, odd times signatures
  • Vibrations, flash and visual modes
  • Rhythm Trainer 

You can just hit the song you need and it will give you the correct timing and BPM for it. 

Although the free version of the metronome for iOS has a good interface, there are lots of missing features that you can find on other free apps.

3. Metronome by Onyx

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 11 | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Free Version:

  • Visual indication
  • iPhone LED flash
  • 8 metronome sounds
  • Tap tempo
  • Blends with other audio

Pro Version:

  • Custom time signatures
  • Modify accents and subdivisions
  • Beat editor

The lack of ads is unusual for a free app.

Although it is a great ad-free metronome, there are not a lot of extra features included.

4. Metronome Reloaded by Chris & Uwe

Rating: 4.1 | Reviews: 65 | Price: Free

  • Displays actual tempo names
  • Can disable accentuation of first measure
  • High-res graphics for retina displays

Metronome Reloaded is a unique take on metronome app. For instance, they simulate of a traditional mechanical metronome.

However, this quickly loses its initial appeal after a few uses. since the whole point of using a software metronome is to get away from the hassle of a mechanical one. We also noticed that ads often pop-up.

5. Metronome – Rhythm & Tap tempo by Gismart

Rating: 4.2 | Reviews: 1.2K | Price: Free, or $7.99 weekly for unlimited access

  • Comes with games to develop your sense of rhythm, with challenges and levels
  • Over 10 sounds

One of the best metronome apps for iOS. It is really easy to use and it nurtures FUN into practice.

The app is very restricted unless you pay for the full version. Moreover, most people will be unwilling to pay $7.99 per week for a metronome app, and the reviews reflect this.

The app is also very intrusive when it comes to forcing you to pay for the weekly subscription. As a result, people who install immediately uninstall.

6. TonalEnergy Tuner & Metronome by Powerful Practice Tools

Rating: 4.9 | Reviews: 15K | Price: $3.9

  • All in one app with tuner, metronome, strings and keyboard
  • Voice count ins
  • Ableton link
  • Ear training

Lots of great features, including compatibility with Ableton Link with is a huge plus.

The interface is quite busy and might be overwhelming for beginners.

7. Metronome by imusic-group

Rating: 2.5 | Reviews: 18 | Price: Free

  • Visual cues
  • Tap tempo
  • Italian tempo terms
  • No ads

Subdivisions are easily accessible and there’s even a button to enable or disable stressing the first beat. The timer features is useful too as it lets the stop the metronome after a certain duration.

We personally experienced some technical issues where the app stopped making sound.

8. Metronome+

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 400 | Price: Free

  • Customize accents
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Recorder
  • Auto loop
  • Setlist

This app has an interesting design where you see the beat visual move and bounce around the screen.

The ads are very intrusive. For example, ads will suddenly pop up when you pause the metronome.

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to help musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. Click here to find out more about our products. Got a question about the Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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