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Blog overview

Best metronome apps for Android

Julianne, in Community news
Aug 27, 2020 | 5 min read

In this article, we compiled the best metronome apps for Android and google play users. Finally, ace your rhythm by trying out one of these metronomes.

Metronome by kewlsoftPro Metronome by EUM LabMetronome+Tempo
The Metronome App by Soundbrenner
Free✔(can only use for 90 seconds per day)
In-app purchasesComing soon
iOS version
Android version
DAW connectivity
Tap tempo
Ad-free✔(paid version only)
Customize Accents, time signatures  & Subdivisions ✔(pay to unlock more time signatures)
LED and Colors
No. of sound effects 31364(13 for paid version)21
Setlists✔ (paid version only)✔(paid version only)
Polyrhythm support✔ (paid version only)

1. The Metronome App by Soundbrenner

Rating: 4.7 | Reviews: 54K | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free


  • Most reviewed metronome app for iOS
  • Visual indication
  • iPhone LED flash / Screen Flash
  • 21 metronome sounds
  • Tap tempo
  • DAW connectivity
  • Setlist


Compared to other apps, all the features of the Metronome app is free! No distracting ads either. Soundbrenner has also created wearables dedicated to rhythms – check out the world’s first vibrating metronome Soundbrenner Pulse and the ultimate watch for musicians Soundbrenner Core.

2. Pro Metronome by EUMLab – Xanin Technology GmBH

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 14K | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Free version:

  • 13 different time keeping styles including a counting voice
  • Real Time Playback technology for greater precision than a mechanical metronome
  • Customize beat sounds, accents etc
  • Tap tempo

Pro version:

  • Access subdivisions and polyrhythm
  • Triplets, dotted notes, odd times signatures
  • Vibrations, flash and visual modes
  • Rhythm Trainer 


It has an intuitive and good interface.


There are a few of features that you can find on other free apps. 

3. Metronome by keuwlsoft

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 10.6K | Downloads: 1M+ | Price: Free 

  • Accelerando
  • Motion blur
  • 310BPM
  • No ads 
  • No permissions

4. Metronome: Tempo / Tempo lite

Rating: 4.3 | Reviews: 5.3K | Downloads: 50K+ | Price: FREE or $0.99

  • Top selling paid metronome app 
  • 30 different time signatures
  • 6 rhythm patterns
  • Themes
  • Pulsing LEDs
  • Customize accents and beats
  • Tap tempo
  • 12 sound sets
  • Save presets
  • Setlists (cross-platform)
  • Playback continues outside of app
  • Control via Bluetooth 


We love the attractive and comprehensive single-screen interface. It’s flashing LEDs also serve as buttons to customize beats, enabling the creation of complex rhythms.


Some of its features are only available on iOS version.

5. Metronome Beats by Stonekick

Rating: 4.6 | Reviews: 134K | Downloads: 10M+ | Price: Free/$3.99 for Pro version

  • Speed Trainer
  • Used for music but also to keep a steady tempo during running, dancing etc
  • Visual beat indicators help you keep track of where you are in he bar
  • Change pitch so you can hear the click easier over your instrument
  • Timer function to stop the metronome 
  • Tap tempo
  • Playback continues outside of app
  • Subdivisions and accents


However, there is a button that links to their other music related apps.


The Pro version has no extra features and only removes ads. For $3.99, we believe that other apps could offer more at a cheaper price.

6. Scarlett Musician – Metronome Tuner & Piano by Scarlett Systems

Rating: 4.6 | Reviews: 69 | Downloads: 10K+ | Price: Free

  • All-in-one app with a metronome, tuner and piano built in
  • Rhythm trainer
  • Can adjust base freq of tuner
  • Piano keyboard supports multi touch and 128 MIDI instruments
  • Ad free
  • Many other languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian


It is quite a simple user interface makes it easy to use. It lets you choose themes, and even has an OLED theme, which is one of the unique features of Android and this saves battery because it shuts down pixels that are not in use. The tuner is very functional and responsive.


The piano has a very unique interface where each key is represented by a dot, and pressing it generates a note name on the staff. This feature is quite useless for actually playing music, but could be used to jot down simple melodies if you’re outside and have an idea for a song.

7. Metronome EX by Enzo A.C. Lee

Rating: 4.4 | Reviews: 1K | Downloads: 100K+ | Price: Free

  • Control playback via Bluetooth headset
  • Control playback from notification drawer or lockscreen
  • Customize accents and beats
  • 15 different tone sets


Very simple, yet user friendly.


The ads may be very invasive for some and distract you from the main screen.

8. Polymetronome by ka2 apps

Rating: 4.6 | Reviews: 69 | Downloads: 10K+ | Price: Free

  • Allows you to practice polyrhtyhms or claves
  • Simultaneous playback of 2 subdivisions
  • Subdivisions/claves can be played one after another for a fixed number of bars. Therefore, this allows you to practice transitioning between time signatures
  • Visualizes rhythms using two rings
  • Each rhythm can have a different volume
  • A variety of electronic and acoustic samples


This is the most advanced metronome we have tried, and the interface reflects this.


Some features might be unnecessary for musicians. For instance, the visualization of polyrhythms using rings is also quite confusing.

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to help musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices, such as Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, we hope to assist musicians. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about the Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help.

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