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Adrian Valia’s music theory made simple – Soundbrenner review

James Morley, in Company news
Mar 21, 2023 | 2 min read

Finding Music Practice Intimidating?

Music theory can be intimidating, and oftentimes musicians aren’t too sure where to start. Adrian Valia’s ‘Music Theory Made Simple’ is an educational book that gives the reader a simple yet in-depth approach to music theory. With its colourful layout, interactive tools, QR codes and quizzes, it’s a fun and intuitive way of learning music theory.

Adrian is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist jazz theorist, composer and instructor. He’s also one of our favourite music content creators. Last summer, we collaborated with Adrian to discuss the importance of rhythm and how he uses metronome and Core in his workflow.

“Music Theory Made Simple” thoroughly demystifies music theory in a unique and approachable way. It’s perfect for anyone who has an interest in progressing their music theory knowledge and unlocking new creative potential. Its chapters comprise of three main topics: rhythm, melody and harmony. With deep dives into rhythm basics and interval inversions, the circle of 5ths and modulations to name but a few – don’t be scared of the fancy terminology, this book will take you through everything step by step!

Final Thoughts…

On a more personal note, Adrian Valia’s ‘Music Theory Made Simple’ book has a certain authenticity and personality that’s sometimes rare to find in other educational books. Adrian stresses that music theory is a way to communicate our emotions and for him “it’s a set of tools that allows you to understand and articulate the language of music,” and not just something for the elite. 

We highly recommend following his Instagram page for a better example of his colourful and intuitive teaching style (@adrian.valia) or better still just get the book and let your music journey begin! 

Adrian Valia’s ‘Music Theory Made Simple’ is available for US$21.99 OR US$11.99 for the Kindle version. You can find it globally on Amazon or the following book shops for US and Canada.



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