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5 best music courses online 2022

Team Soundbrenner, in Community news
Apr 19, 2022 | 2 min read

Gone are the days when learning music was limited to The Juilliard School or Berklee College. Music is more accessible than ever before, with tons of online music courses, tutorials, and classes out there on the digital horizon. 

But with each claiming to be the best, which programs are worth your time and investment? We have rounded up the top music courses online to make picking the right one easier for you:

Top 5 online music courses:

Not all musical programs are built equally. Whether you are inspired to be the next Neil Young or just want to take your jamming sessions a notch higher, there’s sure to be a program perfect for you. Below are our top picks of online music courses covering music theory, production, and learning.

1. Musical U’s musical superlearning course

Based on scientific literature and designed on techniques that have experimental proof backing them, Musical Superlearning is an online music course that delivers. Developed through a collaboration between the world-renowned music educator and guitarist Gregg Goodhart and Musical U.

The program employs super learning techniques that we usually associate with natural musical talent. In reality, these are very much learnable skills and can be employed by anyone to learn music faster and more efficiently.

The program is available to musicians of all experience levels. From those just starting to learn the ropes (or chords!), to veteran musicians looking to expand their expertise. Wherever you are on your musical journey, click here to avail a flat 25% discount on the course now.

2. Timbaland

The music guru Timbaland is offering his first-ever master class for those interested in learning music production and beat making. The masterclass includes 15 lessons from the boss himself. Including instructions and behind-the-scenes inspiration from some of the most popular hip-hop songs we love today.


3. Udemy music courses

Udemy offers one of the vastest selection of musical courses, ranging from beginner to pro. Each course is immaculately structured and comes with detailed instructions and downloadable material. Udemy has self-paced programs catering to all budgets and musical genres.

4. Berklee college of music

Arguably the hub of contemporary music, the top Boston musical school is now offering 12 week-long programs to music enthusiasts. The list includes an impressive 150 courses to choose from including:

  • Music theory
  • Music Business
  • Composing
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Classical Guitar

The fee structure for the courses is comparatively more reasonable than their full degree programs. Musicians on the fence about buying the course can also sign up for their free trial programs.

5. Soundfly

One of the torch bearers of online musical learning, Soundfly offers an unparalleled variety of courses to music lovers all over the world. From courses that supplement musical careers like songwriting, production, and business, to the simpler how-tos and tutorials on guitar tuning or tips on bettering your timing, Soundfly has it all.

The biggest plus is that most of the resources offered are free of charge and available to everyone.


Learn music anywhere and everywhere

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