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10 best gifts for drummers in 2022

Cameron, in Community news
Nov 13, 2021 | min read

Everyone knows drummers are difficult to please. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the very best products that they will absolutely love. Whether you’re a drummer yourself or are shopping for a friend who is, this guide has you covered.

1. VELOC Drum Transport

Imagine being able to haul your drum kit in one go. Our friends at Gruv gear made it possible for all the drummers to safely transport drum kits with a 4-piece bag set. Besides being water-resistant, it has ABS/polycarbonate shell that protects your instrument from dents.

Each of the bags has a unique laser-etched Global recovery tag that will allow 2800 airports worldwide to contact you when your bag is found!

10 best gifts for drummers

2. Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a great way to ditch the click and improve your rhythm. With a custom vibration motor 7 times stronger than a smartphone, you’ll never miss a beat again. The wide-touch face also offers a large surface area for direct skin contact. The Soundbrenner’s Pulse Straps are long-lasting and sweat-proof, perfect for extensive practice. You can also purchase the additional body strap add-on to wear the Pulse on your chest, ankle or wherever feels best.

Soundbrenner Pulse « Metronome | Musik Produktiv

3. Promark FireGrain Drumsticks

If you find yourself constantly breaking sticks, we highly recommend giving Promark’s FireGrain range a shot. Each stick uses a special heat tempering process, making them significantly more durable than traditional drumsticks. This allows you to play with greater power without having to worry about your sticks breaking. These sticks are perfect for rock and metal drummers who want to play faster and longer. 

10 best gifts for drummers

4. Roland V-Drums TD-07KV Electronic Drum Set

For those looking for an electronic kit to practice with, the TD-07KV from Roland is an affordable option that offers great features at an equally great price.

With quiet yet great-feeling mesh drum heads, 25 preset kits, and full MIDI support, the TD-07KV has everything you need to start drumming right away.

5. Evans SoundOff Drum Mutes – Complete Set

If you live in an apartment or with roommates but prefer to maintain the feel of an acoustic drum kit instead of limiting yourself with electronic drums, the SoundOff by Evans is a great option. Put these on your drums and cymbals to make them significantly quieter, enabling you to practice at home without any complaints. Your neighbors will thank you!

10 best gifts for drummers

6. Tama Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Speed up your playing with this awesome double kick pedal from Tama. The Iron Cobra pedals are renowned for their incredible speed and power, and the 200 series aims to deliver the same quality at a more affordable price. This pedal includes the same Cobra Coil mechanism available on the more expensive 900-series, ensuring that the footboard immediately snaps back to its original position after each stroke for maximum speed. The Power Glide cam also allows for higher volume and speed from the beater. Iron Cobra pedals are favored by some of the world’s most legendary drummers including Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Stewart Copeland (The Police), and Lars Ulrich (Metallica), so you know they’re a great choice.

10 best gifts for drummers

7. Remo Colortone Drumheads

If you’re still rocking your kit’s stock heads, you definitely need an upgrade. Give your drums a makeover this Christmas with these uniquely aesthetic drumheads. Remo is well known for its great-sounding and durable heads, and the Colortone series is no exception.

These incredibly attractive drumheads don’t only look good – they sound amazing too. With Remo’s Skyndeep technology built-in, each Colortone head features the same great projection and tone from Remo’s Clear range. They are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for live performances where visuals are just as important as sound.

10 best gifts for drummers

8. Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne

No. 8 on our list of gifts for drummers is this fantastic throne from Gibraltar. The seat is made of Cordura, and the double-braced leg base ensures that the throne will withstand even the largest amounts of weight and pressure. The included backrest will do wonders for your posture and make sure you’re as comfortable as possible at all times during your playing. 

9. Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

If you own an electronic drum kit, chances are you don’t feel completely satisfied with its included sounds. Electric drums often sound tinny and unrealistic, leading to subpar quality for recordings or live performances. Super Drummer fixes that by giving you a huge library of raw drum sounds to choose from, as well as a wide variety of preset kits.

This library was created by recording real acoustic drums, and it sounds fantastic. While you can play these samples directly in your DAW or through a MIDI keyboard, you can also connect your electronic kit to your computer and have it trigger the sounds each time you hit the drums. Superior Drummer is a game-changer for drum production, and its dynamics and sound quality are almost as good as the real thing. 

10. Minuendo lossless earplugs

It goes without saying that drums are a loud instrument, and protecting your hearing is a must. Not using hearing protection while drumming can result in tinnitus and even permanent hearing loss, so it is critical that you invest in some proper drumming headphones.

We recently partnered with our friends at Minuendo to offer the world’s first variable noise isolating earplugs on our store. These earplugs allow you to manually adjust the level of noise reduction, from -7dB all the way to -25dB. They also come with eleven sets of ear tips to ensure that you can achieve a perfect fit regardless of your ear shape. These earplugs are perfect for drummers, especially during long practice sessions.

Minuendo lossless earplugs

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to helping musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices, such as Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, our goal is to deliver the best possible practice experience for musicians. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at [email protected], we’re happy to help!

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