Introducing The Body Strap

Feel the Beat Better Than Ever.

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The body strap gives you the freedom to find the position for the Soundbrenner Pulse that works best for you. Feel each vibration with greater strength and precision.

  • Feel Vibrations Better

    Find the place that works best for you to feel the beat.

  • For All Musicians

    Works for every musician, no matter the instrument.

  • Functional

    Put it on with ease, using the patented Easy Tape fastener.

  • Adjustable

    Works for any body size, from large to small.

  • Performance Quality

    Made with athletic webbing. Durable and lightweight.

  • Show it, Hide it

    Wear it above or beneath your clothes.

The word is out

“I love how it enhances my experience with the Soundbrenner Pulse. Convenient, comfortable and accurate.”

John “JR” Robinson, The Most Recorded Drummer in History

Feel More. Today.

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